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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 190


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And she said...

Enemies of Equestria, hear me. You have come here to die. The Immortal Mane 5 is with us and we are invincible. Their soldiers will strike you down. Their war machines will crush you under their treads. Their mighty guns will bring the very sky crashing down upon you. You cannot win. The Mane 5 has given us their greatest weapon to wield. So make yourselves ready. We are the Pony Rebellion, and today is our Victory Day. 

(Warhammer Reference)
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Gosh, I love Rarity's hair in this. Looks so wonderfully 3-dimensional. 
Oh, there she is. XD
What's the frequency, Rarity?
That frequency's probably bugged, though.
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Rarity's design here is quite simple and flat… Yet I must admit, I caught myself on thought that she looks sooo adorable! Every time I've seen this specific drawing.
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"Hi there! welcome to 1800 hot flanks. how may we serve you?~"
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She forgot Rarity! Sacrilege!
Rarity is the type of companion the doctor always needed.

she ranks above clara, that's for sure.

I'd even say Rose herself.
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she forgot that the element of generosity and even the key is with them . wow thats silly of her =_="
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I can relate... I forget about Rarity a lot too.
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Whatshername : Try tuning to this frequency

*Radio twili now present is audio drama called "Love is in bloom"*
*Ho shinning, I missed you so much, this evil crismon changeling queen took my place, but now we are together again*
*you missed me too cadence but...*
*But what?*
*It's just that, I'm now married to her, I can't live with you anymore*
*What? What do you me-*

Rarity : You sure that's the right frequency?
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What if it's the real twilight? Then conversations will go like this:
Spike: TWILIGHT!!!
Twilight: Oh hey spike.
Spike: your time is up.
Twilight: what on equestria do you mean?
Spike: don't play stupid, we know your sins and secrets that you kept hidden for many years
Twilight: w-what? Secrets? I got no idea what you're talking about I totally did not kiss a handsome green haired clown or anything!
Harley: You What?! That's my puddin! Alright, let's get em!
Spike: charge!
Twilight: Spike! Are you nuts?!
Spike: you're the one that's nuts!
Twilight: I swear if this is some sort of joke....
Spike: oho who's laughing now? Cause you're about to have your last one!
Twilight: I don't want to do this but it looks like I have no choice...
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That would be bad p.s. nice dialogue there
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This is very cool, really liking the story so far.
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"Oh I see something ...It's a lovely shade of violet, My Celestia! that's that's ...  WooF!  I want some of that!"

Calm down Rarity...

Quick turn off the visual track she's hyperventilating !

too late there she goes...
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Why would anypony make a magical communications orb for only unicorns to use? Sounds like a pretty large design flaw.
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