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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 189


wing clip. it's like a pouch bag.

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where's that from?
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What was the point of putting dark grey text within a dark speech bubble?  It's honestly a pain in the butt to squint and make it out.
Well then whack it with your wing or something. Use your pegasus magic.

Or give it to Rarity, but I think whacking it with your wing would be more fun.
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Ya know, ah completely forgot about Rarity. X'D I guess she just said screw it!
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Whoah dang, nice job.
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Hmm, I shall wait as this unfolds. Because those might be genuine soldiers instead of zygons.
tigreanpony's avatar
This will be good.
YouseiKyoko's avatar
Night Star was a Zygon, wouldn't that make that device potentially tapped by the Zygons?
RainerKelri's avatar
Night Star isn't a zygon, she's captured by the zygons and one of them disguised as her to get into the Resistance.
BBBHuey's avatar
...So you can use it? Like a Palantir?

Seriously... Just because you're not a unicorn, it doesn't mean you can't use a frickin' crystal ball.

And also, she had that on her this entire time?
PsycoJosho's avatar
Does this mean that Rarity is needed for her magic?
darkwolf0's avatar
Quick to the TARDIS! X3 I was tempted to go with Batmobile due to the Harley Quinn appearance lol
SketchMCreations's avatar
The first thing that orb made me think of was the orb-shaped stasis devices from Day of the Doctor. That thing isn't completely round, though.
samuraivalerie's avatar
Time for the sonic!
Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Emoticon 
or rarity since she a unicorn
samuraivalerie's avatar
If she knows the right spell so she doesn't shatter the thing by mistake, then yeah.
ColdSnap777's avatar
You read my mind.
samuraivalerie's avatar
I've been known to do that occasionally.
...wish I knew how I did it though.
ColdSnap777's avatar
We can maybe find out by scanning your mind with the screwdriver.
samuraivalerie's avatar
ColdSnap777's avatar
*sonic-y noises*
samuraivalerie's avatar
You had bagels for breakfast
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