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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 186


wine with villain... so beautiful matching.

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It wouldn't be much of a castle if it didn't have secret passages. How else are you supposed to flee if an invading army or a mob of unruly peasants breaks through your front door?
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The Empress: "All part of my nefarious plans".
Hehehe. Snooping as usual, ah see..... >8)
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See that face?
That's the face of one who schemes...

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why would you think that after for what happen to that one of the royal got killed by twilight pets
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she is scheming, we don't know what is it yet
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Because then there will be no killing of twilight :3
Please be fake Twilight, please be fake Twilight, please be fake Twilight........
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Well, the plus side of all this is that at least if the angry mob takes out false Twilight, they won't be hurting the REAL Twilight... hopefully. Unless there's some psychic link we don't know about.
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That smile... It's just not right...
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Ok this is getting interesting, I wonder what her plan is. Looking forward to the next page.
My take on the "Spike is the key" idea: Zygons really have big trouble keeping the real Twilight under control, so they are provoking the rebelion to destroy Spike and thus Twilight.
P.S. I really don't want to think that this is Twilight's fancy attempt at suicide. It would be so wrong!
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That smirk. I think I know what is happening here. She WANTS to die, she doesn't like being there without her friends and she is doing whatever she can to join them.

Spike is the last, when she dies he will be the last one and she can take him with her maybe? That one is a shot in the dark.
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Mr Anderson, I mean, Dr hooves, I've been expecting you, tell me did you figured it all out?
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A smile Twilight? You know something we don't?

Twilight (Sly Smile) Plz "Just that everything is going according to plan..."
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I've been expecting you
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...... OH MY GOD I JUST GOT IT the profit said twilight wouldnt out live her friends right SPIKE NEVER DIED so that means ........ eep
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