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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 181


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ManeFunction's avatar
I love the Spike's improved abilities with bring such a huge things out of nowhere XD
Haden-2375's avatar
Did you receive request art?
GashibokA's avatar
제가 님에게 부탁했던 그림 이야기라면, 아직 못 받았는데요. 물론 저기 나오는 포니는 님 OC 맞아요.
Haden-2375's avatar
트위터로 넣어드렸었는데 확인해보실래요?
GashibokA's avatar
님 트위터에 올리신건가요?
Well, you've been lied to for seven years, at any rate. It's hard to make a more specific statement without inviting a great deal of quibbling over semantics.
UnstableSun69's avatar
So Spike can green flame summon .. anything now?? I likey!!
turkey18eye's avatar
i can't believe i'm saying this but that poor crimson changeling A,K,A zygon
OlgaH-SteelClaw1's avatar
But on page 80 he said that Twilight was worried about changelings infiltrating society. And she was trying to capture everyone who looked suspicious to her. 
It doesn't mean she was lying, it means her actions just weren't effective.
Sturmlion1's avatar
A future palette swap Bon Bon!
Why do I feel like that green pony in the back is a Zygon?
askwasteali's avatar
Ali: Found one, that green pony in the back.
Junnosuke-kazuki's avatar
grande spike!!!!!! yeha
Lavamoon0's avatar
i bet twilights has been replaced with a zygon herself
JetPowerFIE's avatar
Woot! Bulk update!

Also I see this building towards a climax soon, which means a conclusion too. So it must end it seems. But it'll be a good one!
The song is over, but the story never ends.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh god, the Doctor has his hands full here I do hope he will figure out a way to make this all right. I also think Pinkie is the key to fix it where Twilight lives and is back to the way she used to be. This is getting to become a pretty good story looking forward to the next page.
sweetsnow2's avatar
Okay.. this is getting a little bit confusing. The question is why would twi do that i know her friends died and all but thought what would change a perfect princess to a monster ? (not physically lol)
the most logical explanation to me is that empress twilight is not the real twilight but a zygon changeling (maybe the queen?) disguised as her. the real twilight could be in the big cocoon labeled as war trophy :)
sweetsnow2's avatar
+Arania2403 Yeah maybe i wonder where would real twi can be if this twilight is fake
Silver--Pen's avatar
i son't think it's the case, spike is sure it is, I think she just got replaced by a zygon... You should read a few page before...
sweetsnow2's avatar
i did read all of them but we're not sure that it's real twilight or some sort of zygon or even a changeling .
Silver--Pen's avatar
Well... It is quite clear tho, I mean, zygons don't have a queen, so what the hell could be in here if it's not twillight?
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