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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 179


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Animatorsnake's avatar
Pinkie wants the truth... we all do
Do they even really know he's Spike? Personally, I believe that he hasn't been replaced, but I couldn't prove this isn't an elaborate deception.
R-Doll's avatar
they're on the move and it is curious and exciting to see what's next on the rebel front along with AJ, Dash, and Pinkie
tigreanpony's avatar
Ok I like how Pinkie compramised, I think the Doctor will be able to make this all right with a little help from Twilight's friends.
SOARINDASH2's avatar
Plot twist: The main villain is actually Spike and he's a changeling too.

(not likely but, eh)
firecharge44371's avatar
I wonder when Spike decided it was a good time to wear clothes
nayialovecat's avatar
Spike gives the impression of a bad guy :3
sweetsnow2's avatar
Aj's right spike is kinda a f**king b*tch 
Ditto, but he probably has good reasons for being so. PROBABLY...
sweetsnow2's avatar
He forgot the pony that carred about him and made him grow up :I Ps: what does he wear clothes ? he's a dragon not a person :3
I think he wears clothes because they make him look more badass!
sweetsnow2's avatar
Make sence (i know i spelled it wrong sorry)
Erix19's avatar
No long-lived character in the history of literature goes a thousand years without some sort of personality shift. Experiences can change a person. You really think Spike would stay the same when it was established early on that this time period is in the grips of a totalitarian government, regardless of whether or not Twilight is just plain mad or is a Zygon in disguise? 

Spike changed with the times, which is natural and to be expected. If he hadn't, I'd call literary foul on it.
kazlucas's avatar
What the same pony that created Metal wolves (that attack anyone out on the streets out of curfew hours) and killed one her own guards in cold blood because he couldn't hold Fluttershy? That really sounds like the same pony that cared about and helped Spike grow up.
(Unless you're talking about AJ)
sweetsnow2's avatar
I  understand but why  didn't he just talk to her ? he uses to live with twilight right? i don't think she will let those monsters attack him . he's her number 1 assistant isn't he ?
kazlucas's avatar
It all went down hill after the claimed "victory" in the war so at that point it's all uncertain, she didn't kill Fluttershy but did traumatize her, so I think this "Twilight" might let them attack him.
sweetsnow2's avatar
BBBHuey's avatar
It better not be a threat, Spike. You need them afterall.

Now I'm concerned as to what he'll do if Pinkie decides not to kill Twilight.

And what about the Crimson elephant in the room? Nopony going to question the possibility of Twilight being a Zygon?
Dawnfur8888's avatar
She's obviously a Zygon!
BBBHuey's avatar
That remains to be revealed.
Dawnfur8888's avatar
I bet she is though!!!!
Scarlet-Mirages's avatar
A thousand years has been a long time and I'm sure spike has seen some things so I don't think he'd be the same as the baby dragon they once knew.
MDWebster's avatar
Well spoken, Pinkie.
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