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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 177


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Angry spike is indeed angry.

Agamemnon69's avatar
Not quite sure, but I think Spike is PIIIIIIIIISSED.
Animatorsnake's avatar
I really doubt Twilight did this or that is Twilight
LadySolonna's avatar
wow spyke come down
And you've just been driven to the point of always seeing the worst in her, haven't you. It's unfortunate what you've been through.

No, the war was no lie, more's the pity. The only lie was when the war ended.
Luckysweep's avatar
I think they are missing the obvious.
baileyjrob's avatar
The titans are in the walls.
R-Doll's avatar
woah! Spike got his rage on! 
SuperdarksideX5's avatar
It's interesting to see Spike in his adult like appearance letting anger get the best of him. He was basically was a child but still had a good heart. But as years go by with all this happening, he probably feels both pain and betrayal. It kinda goes to show how characters might change constantly over the years.  
Dragon's RAGE! 
Allanpike's avatar
Ooooh shit... not good. Not good at all.
ScarecrowsMainFan's avatar
So, hold on Spike: Your first thought after finding out that crimson changelings / Zygons not only still exist but have infiltrated your group is NOT: Holy crap! If they got to MY group, does this mean they could be in our government? Could this be the reason why my best friend / sister / mother figure Twilight suddenly turned evil? What if they've actually replaced HER!

But rather: Princess Twilight is clearly IN LEAGUE with the shape-shifting monsters! This is just further proof of her inexplicable evil!

Spike I can't tell if you're just a terrible friend / son / brother, or just really, really dumb. Or both.
swirliee's avatar
samuraivalerie's avatar
(steps all the way back to the farthest wall and sits there)
TheEmster97's avatar
I can't imagine how angry Spike must be ><
sweetymimy22's avatar
oh no he is going mad 0_0
Phoenixfirex's avatar
Pissed Off Dragon Is Pissed Off.
Janhendrik94's avatar
Oh, feces are going to impact on the air circulating device.
Seeker900's avatar
I don't know, it made sense that The Doctor would come to that conclusion since he saw that Empress Twilight used Equestrian magic, but how can Spike tell?
We don't know if he could tell the difference, wouldn't Spike have thought that the Crimson Changelings were hiding under Twilight's nose the whole time, or the Twilight in the castle is an impostor?
JetPowerFIE's avatar
I think this was the final straw for him. He's been holding back the notion that she'S actually betrayed them, but now that he's seen a final piece of evidence he realizes his doubts have been true and the quiet temptest that has slowly been building in the resistance is come to full force. Somepony's doomed.
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh my this will be a mess of miscommunications, I do hope The Doctor has a plan, he must or he wouldn't have trotted off like that in the last page. Looking forward to the next page.
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