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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 175


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Surprise my patooty. I figured it out some time ago.
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I see where this is going. Twilight is actually the queen and the real Twilight is locked in the cocoon. Intriguing but it still not deep as making Twilight the real thing.
I think I know where this is going.
Hehe, ah knew Twiley was a changeling. That's why ah placed a cream pie for when she falls out da cocoon.... >8)
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It was the cucumber monster.

Only because you trusted your ability to see through a Zygon disguise over the fact that all other evidence said you were being deceived. Had you not been so set in your conclusion, you would have known the truth long since.
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 Several of us have been saying this for sometime now,
Any one who saw that episode remembers Zygons still need their hosts in order to take on that person's form.
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Thank you for that last line! I forgot why they would need to keep the original.
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YES DOCTOR, Time for the moment we've been waiting for, theory time!
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the real question is...

where is the lord of chaos?
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Au, he's a statue or he's gone too.
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i;m waiting like a little piggy
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No not really, you are just getting old Doctor. Everyone in the comments solved the mystery 10 pages ago.  
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I would be like

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did he just notice something? something ive been theorizing for a bit? 
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I wonder if Twilight is in there.
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Seriously?! ANOTHER cliffhanger?
Twilight's in there
This is the Osgood scenario, isn't it.
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Now it's semi cannon with mlpfim s6 final.
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