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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 172


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THERE'S the 'ol doc we know! Allons-y!

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Oh God this is so obvious
If rose implored him to remember why he bothers to keep living to keep trying to keep working and to keep making... I would not be so irritated with that vague name is purpose thing right there- come on neither ponies are that dull ( but what ev, plot forward!)
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This is why the Doctor has his companions. If he did not, then who would remind him of who he is? Who he's sworn to be?
Ace Attorney Doctor mode: Engaged!
So uh... is mah Doctor's appointment still on?.....
It's a good story so far but honestly it's dragging out a long time.    It's been months to follow a conversation that would take a minute to speak.

I suggest,  please get on with it.
*takes off my belt*
O_o........ come ere....
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Let's get doctoring, then.
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That strategic speech bubble placement to add to the suspense. Well done.
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Those glasses. That babbling. I think the Doctor's back. You can always count on a companion to help the Doctor is his time(s) of need. 
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where did those glasses come from?
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watch the page 7
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The Doctor is in the house!
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Yay! Doctor is here!
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he has his thinking glasses on
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The Doctor has a plan and you know it well work.
Q the song…
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at last compadre!

you finally use the brain!
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