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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 171


can you notice what's that word?

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Oh my God! This is so poetic!

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This is beautiful.  (I'm actually crying tears of joy.)
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this is amazing it like watching a doctor who episode and a mlp one at the same time!
He's not god, Rose. Its unfair to expect so much on so little.
Yes. And no. And then it changed back, except it didn't change at all because it never changed away in the first place.
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Next: Doctor stops for a moment, turn back and say questions 123 and answer them with doctor's theme.
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I refuse to believe Twilight is beyond saving. The girls have done the impossible in the past, saved the world from numerous world-ending villains. The Doctor himself has done incredible things to save lives against fate and all odds.

So excuse my langue when I say both 'Destiny' and 'Prophesy' can take their 'unchangeable' nature and shove it right up their @$$. I refuse to believe that any future is beyond saving for this group of heroes.
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:( typo's exist on the 4th last line.
O_o...... ahm tellin ya. His name is Mildred.....
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Every line from every regeneration of the Doctor
GashibokA's avatar
Owo..... it really is, isn't it?....
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it's mixed. Last word, and something else.
AHAWW!! XD..... I still think his name's Mildred.....
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actually it does.
his name means mighty warrior in some places
his name is usually something to fear.
hes gone from simple explorer to basically a force of nature.
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I just noticed that every phrase has an Icon of the pony doctor that said it... except for the War Doctor.
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Are the zygons really just staring?
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Zygons are not a Physical type.
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Nicely done here. So what is the plan Doctor? I have a feeling he will figure something out save everyone including Twilight.
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