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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 169


'No More'? why he doesn't said 'Nevermore'?

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War Doctor.  I actually like this Doctor.
Same I like him too, put him into a show 
Saiyanstrong's avatar
BBC won’t make it. It goes against their agenda. Did you know that they fired a bunch of people just because they were white men, and then replaced them with blacks or women?

I must say though, I would love a series about what the War Doctor did during the time war.
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The Last Days of The Time War
Gallopfrey Falls.
No More.
(I hope the ending will be like in The Day Of The Doctor (All 13 Doctors saving his planet))
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Wow, he actually looks like the War Doctor, despite the silhouette being so sketchy... 

But man, this scene is breaking my heart. The Doctor's pain just always hurts me more than any other fictional pain ever could. Seeing him so broken always feels like a punch to the gut.
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I really hope you're going to continue this theme to the end. It sounds really fascinating and powerful so please make Twilight her real self.
Alicornbrodie's avatar
It looks like stormtroopers (from star wars) fighting Daleks (from doctor who) in the bg...
FoodFrogs's avatar
So in this story, he was always from this universe? Earlier near the start of the story, he said "what on earth" or something along those lines. Also, why are Zygons called Zygon ponies if they just look like normal Zygons?
GashibokA's avatar
yes. In this universe, Doctor from the Galloprey, Zygon has a 4 legs, a Dalek. 
FoodFrogs's avatar
Oh. So it's like a centaur. Weird, I never noticed the extra legs before.
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Is the "War-Doctor" Gonna show up in this story later on?!?
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"iv seen endless lives born and die" was said twice in a row going from page 168 to 169...was that a mistake?
VergilSAyagawe's avatar
Gallifrey Falls No More
julian0123's avatar
So, this doctor doesn't come from another universe like usual and got turned into a pony, but is this universe's version of that character.
Doctorsparkle's avatar
Yup! I like it Paraelel universe everything the same but one thing ponies and maybe some events in the timeline
julian0123's avatar
Seems the most likely.
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The first phrase is repeated from the last page.
GBscientist's avatar
Very impressive.  I like the Pony interpretation of the Fall of Galifrey.
Fairylover2095901's avatar
He's seen enough to be fully convinced. So how did he change? 
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Oh yes he is quite agitated. This will be good.
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