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Speaking of, I would like to know what the main six's family tree looks like after all these years. I'm just really interested in this for the story plot, not for shipping or anything ">.>'
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yeah, a bit curious myself
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The doc is right about all these
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i honestrly still dont get what make twilight go all nuts, celestia withstood 1000 years away from her sister, she saw many friends dying...
well i guess twilight either didnt managed to make new friends or she just completly gave up in that
I know this comment is hella old, but I just wanted to say: Luna was coming back, one way or another, so Celestia has that to look forward to; Twilight's friends were gone-gone.
It's enough time for me to set off that prank ah been settin up for Twiley while yall were talkin! XD...... oh hey, there's someone at the door....
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That's exactly the depth I was looking for from this comic at the veey beginning, wonderful.
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Me: Wow, seems like he's been through a lot. In that case, I guess he knows what he's saying

Mind: But this is Teilight Sparkle! Master of magic! Friend to the end! Surely she couldn't let all those get to her

Me: One may say that, but I believ it's quite possible. Anywho, let's just hope something went wrong somewhere...
And yet you've remained more or less sane through it all. A thousand years is enough time to make hundreds of friends and learn hundreds of thousands of lessons from them. It is enough time to understand yourself and your surroundings to a level you never thought you would achieve, and to appreciate how little you still know. But one thing it's not enough time for is to become bored or lost against your will.
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It's not that easy.
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Where is that spaceship from?
It looks awesome. 
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I believe maybe from a game called Nexus Jupiter Incident.
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um... starcraft?
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Reminds me of the episode were The Doctor got stranded on a desert planet with a jewel theif and a bus... I think it was called planet of the dead

Were they find the stranded flie aliens were their whole planet is basically the ashes of their people...
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Okay, I won't say he doesn't have a point. People DO change.

But I'm still going to hold out hope that he's wrong this time, and that the message of all of this is the reminder that SOMETIMES, hope wins.
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Wait, so 3 generations of ponies is a thousand years?
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by any chance is the ship a star wars the force awakens reference
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Oh pls
1000 years isn't enough for a planet to die.
Look at earth. It always finds a way to live again.
Twilight's personality may not live again, but hey, she's not a planet, or my deceased great grandmother.
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Tell that to Alderaan. :D
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just gonna assume that's from a show that I'll never watch because I'm too lazy
I guess it's because it's not as resilient as Earth. This thing's been alive for a looong time...
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It's actually a planet from Star Wars. The Empire destroyed it using a superweapon called Death Star - literally in a few seconds.
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