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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 167


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Damn, you captured him well. And he knows what he's talking about. Seeing everyone you love die over and over again until the loneliness eats away at your very core? That will mess you up over time.
Again- time is a pain

you all didn't listen, nor try to

and drastic reactions come from drastic events- death and war especially- don't like it? Then why don't you try that friendship magic to change the causes?


you cant and you know it.

twilight would have been better off never being a princess 
MissEmkay's avatar
This might come from the comprehension of 1,000 years. or lack there of. People do truly change in time, especially when you go through something horrific lack a war.
camolotthe10's avatar
Even in a thousand years, the fundamental make-up of a person does not change that drastically. If I live a thousand years, I will still hold onto those things that form pillars of my psyche, for better or for worse. The only way Twilight could have completely abandoned even any semblance of her prior personality is if an outside force acted upon her.
MissEmkay's avatar
Going through something like a war, or even a death of someone dear might change people. It is uncommon but not unheard of
SnowShyHearts's avatar
you did a great job reinacting the doctor's personality
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
zenlord22's avatar
Doc unlike you alicorns don't regenerate and have a total change of everything about them
conmanz's avatar
Yes, but they do go through similar pains, seeing those they care about age and die, going through gain and lose time and time again. Twilight also had to go through war, just like him, and war can severely change one depending on how it all goes and what one chooses to do while apart of it, the Doctor for one knows that more then anyone.
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Wow, chillout Doc. 
Ahm tellin ya. Twiley became a pear over a thousand years and he wants to put a stop to her. XS
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i mean the doctors right.
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Im with Whooves
He is a double agent
NuvaPrime's avatar
Ooh, this just got existential AND personal. I think the 10th Doctor displayed this the best
WCPsycho's avatar
So...he's an asshole, then.
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Seeker900's avatar
I think I have an idea on what happened to Twilight.

What if she tried to carry on with being the Princess of Friendship even with her friends gone, and she tried to befriend the Zygons but they end up brainwashing her as a result?
tom117z's avatar
Seeing a mirror of yourself in Twi, are we Doctor? Reminders of the Time War and the man who abandoned his morals to fight it.

If The Doctor got a second chance after the war, why can't Twilight? Is friendship that meaningless? I wonder if the Doctor wants to kill her because of the timeline, or because he doesn't like the look of his own reflection.
Daiskida's avatar
Well, this being his 10th reincarnation, he def doesn't wanna be reminded of the sins he committed but he also doesn't wanna forget his crimes. Now if this was his 11th persona, I'd say he wouldn't give two biscuits for the whole reflection thing.
GashibokA's avatar
wow... just wow.
tom117z's avatar
Was I at all close to the mark? I can't tell whether your reaction was shock at the darkness of my comment or because I was close, if either :p
BBBHuey's avatar
It was pretty deep.
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