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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 166


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hmm, now it seems that depth is returning. I really hope you keep this up. That Twilight has a darkened and heartened heart and is not just evil. That deep inside she's still the caring pony who wants to make everypony happy but life has just really hardened her.
Hehe, ah figured it out. They left their own time to give Twilight her 1000th birthday, but they left the present Twilight all alone. Therefore, it caused the timeline that they're in right now. And yall know how Twiley be gettin, ain't it? XD So, they could easily go back to the present and vow to never let that timeline come into being, but it ain't gon do any good if they don't know how. So, they're stickin around so they can find the missin piece of the puzzle that caused this bad future, so they can know how to prevent it in the present! But none of this woulda happened if Pinkie sat her think pink behind down somewhere! X'D 

Joe - 1; Pinkie - (-1)
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Next page link is missing.
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I fixed it. thanks.
Arya-Jaeger's avatar
You're welcome (◠‿◠✿)
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If Twilight went evil by herself, that's going to be hard for the girls, once back to their present, to live knowing their friend is going to turn into this.
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I think you need a hug, Doctor.
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Oh this will be good, I do hope they can come up with a better way to help then killing Twilight.
tom117z's avatar
Come on Doc, you stole a TARDIS and ran from your people BECAUSE they obeyed all the rules and didn't interfere (One of the reasons, anyway). And you keep running away every time you return, and essentially give the Time Lords the middle finger.

The rules states Twilight should die, well find a better way and be a doctor.
zfragger's avatar
Fate plays favorites, time like death does not.
Valmar33's avatar
Just how much darker is this going to get, GashibokA?! D:
GashibokA's avatar
Until Dawn is Darkest.
Valmar33's avatar
Yes! Love very dark comics, with excellent plots, because it just makes the eventual happy(?) ending so much more satisfying!
Fairylover2095901's avatar
Don't you mean...Twilight?!
Valmar33's avatar
Twilight, the Princess of Psychopathy!

Looks so very dead and empty inside, doesn't she?
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Holy shit... that flashback. This is even more creepy than the first time we saw it... O_O
Doctor, your Time Lord Victorious is showing.
firecharge44371's avatar
Dam, this art is getting complex
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Mysterious... Let us await for more what the good Doctor tells us
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