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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 164


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if you speak, the future, what ever you speak becomes fixed.
What I'm hearing is that you don't know. You're guessing this is a fixed point, but you don't actually know.
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Or Twilight's already dead.

I mean, the prophecy only states, "Twilight will not outlive her friends." She literally could have been dead for centuries by this point and it wouldn't change the prophecy.
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Or maybe the Tardis wanted to go adventuring with some more ponies, "she" does have a mind of her own you know
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This is getting very interesting, and i still think Empress Twilight isn't Twilight. But I really can't wait for the next page, this is getting good.
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I'm pretty sue rose is the prophet that foretells twilights death
plus I agree with her, the empress isn't twilight

this reminds me of the 50th anniversary Doctor who episode, so I hope it ends as well as that did
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Omg yeah that's a pretty spot on prediction.
hexhatter359's avatar
i guess
but its one of the few that make sense
and the only one I'm happy with

my only problem is that I'm uncertain about whether the real Twilight is alive
samuraivalerie's avatar
.... < 0_0;>
ok.... now i'm convinced... Lyrica Lilac (fainting) plz 
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this is getting deep
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So it’s all predetermined, we have no free will and are pawns of the gods. Sucks donut.
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Can't we just ask pinkie for all the answers?
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
So, her "Final Moments" is her own downfall from her dementia with power?
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All this drama and we already know the Twilight Sparkle in power is just a Zygon. And the doctor is being a rigid prick. 
DragonBlitz85's avatar
Oh come on man!  Do you want to kill Twilight that badly!?

... ... wait... didn't Pinkie break something in the Tardis?
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[Me]  The doc is right. Send in the air strikes.

:iconshockedfluttershyplz::iconsaysplz:Wait!  I thought we were going to vote for butterflies!

[Me]  Yes, we are.   An air strike of butterflies.  Numbering in the hundreds of thousands of millions.  They will darken the skies as they throw themselves upon the evil witch!  They shall come from all corners of Equestria and beyond, burying the hag until she is asphyxiated by the shear volume pressed upon her!


[Me]  . . . . . what?
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Don’t worry, Its all eco-friendly. The kingdom will be free. The decomposing bodies of our enemies, along with the butterfly’s who valiantly gave there all will enrich the soil and provide a bountiful harvest, It’s a win, win.
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And again, the prophecy! Everything is connected to that prophecy!
 But who was that mare who said it? We know that she is a wise sage and prophet (at least Spike and Time Turner said it) but who she really is?What is her mane? Where did she came from?  Is that "Twilight will be replaced by a doppelganger or she will become evil, so the rest of Mane 6 will have to travel from past to kill her" thing the full complete original version the prophecy or did that old mare said something more?
Time Turner, Spike, I think that you didn´t told the complete prophercy. You are hiding something from us and mane 6!
What I am thinking happened is that maybe the zygon's Fisher King (or whatever they are called in this) impersonated Twilight during a fight, but Twilight beat them or knocked them out (So the fisher king would still be in Twilight's form) and then posed as the fisher king in front of the zygons. The zygon ponies could have then put the Twilight-Impersonating Fisher King in the large cocoon that we see above the door, believing that it is the real Twilight's body. So the Twilight we see now could be the real Twilight, but the zygons do not realize that, and Twilight can not reveal herself or her true personality for fear of the zygons turning against her while so deeply ingrained into her kingdom. The disaster would be catastrophic. Instead, Twilight can be posing as their leader, trying to find a way to win against the zygons. 

The real question is why this Twilight is running a Salem-Witch-Hunt against the zygons if she has made a deal with them or not. If this Twilight really is a zygon why would the zygons, having already won against Twilight, be claiming that they are inside her kingdom and running a McCarthyism campaign directed at their own kind? If this is the real Twilight that made a deal with the zygons, wouldn't running a witch hunt for them sort of sour the mood of the treaty? If this is the real Twilight posing as the leader of the zygons impersonating herself, why would she make such a non-zygon-leader move as to start hunting down zygons while posing as their leader? 

My thoughts is that Twilight, no matter who or what race she really is, isn't actually killing the ponies, but rather having them put inside the cocoons for the zygons to imitate. The elite squad that have popped up in the story were not killed on site or executed under Twilight's orders. They were sent to the dungeons to be put inside cocoons. There are dozens of other cocoons in the room. There could be hundreds more in storage. There has been no real proof that anyone has been killed by Twilight's campaign. This makes it seem like 'suspected-zygons' and 'anti-Twilight-protesters' are being taken not to be killed, but to become potential hosts for the zygons. If the zygons are the ones putting people in cocoons, they are not going to put their own kind in a cocoon. So this witch-hunt is only putting real ponies in cocoons. A zygon-Twilight is only capturing people to use as hosts. A real-Twilight that has made a deal with the zygons is only capturing people to use as hosts. A real Twilight that is posing as their leader is only capturing people that the zygons can use as hosts, at the same time knowing that they are being put inside cocoons and being kept alive. A real-Twilight hiding from exposure to the zygons is letting her people be put into safety inside the cocoons, while knowing exactly who the zygons are impersonating, keeping a record of who is and isn't a zygon. 

The only scenario that I could see someone dying is if they were caught by an iron wolf. The iron wolves being released make since, as with their presence in the city people rarely go outside. They remain stuck indoors for fear of being caught by one. They aren't going to be traveling to other parts of the city. They are unlikely to meet any new ponies. As in they are unlikely to find a zygon pony impersonating someone that they knew. This keeps people safe as anyone that finds out that the zygon ponies are still around are put in danger from the zygon ponies and each other. A pony that knows that zygon ponies are inside the kingdom starts three different kinds of trouble. They are put in danger as the zygons might try to kill the witness, they could try to start a rebellion against the zygon ponies and put a larger group of people in danger, or they could start distrusting everyone and start a civil war against other ponies thinking that they are really zygon ponies. So keeping other ponies from realizing that there really are zygon impersonators is the top priority of the Twilight administration, no matter how many zygons are a part of it and who this Twilight realy is.
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It wouldn't be the first time in Doctor Who they ended up saying 'fuck the timeline' and did something else *cough*Trenzalore*cough*
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