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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 162


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Oh, right, Rose is here!

Lets see your better idea, Rose.
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Four words.
Fixed points in time.
he's known how this was going to go down from the start.
But of course I'm being silly. The question of how they will regard the Zygon who replaced their friend is essential to whether there may yet be peace.
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Thank goodness Rose is being the voice of reason. I'm having a really hard time buying that Dr. Hooves is so convinced Twilight is actually Twilight. Unless there's some lore of the Zygons that I don't know about, we literally just saw that the Zygons REPLACE ponies. Unless they just can't comprehend that anyone could replace an alicorn, it simply makes no sense that NONE of them would reach that conclusion. Even if she did end up not being a zygon and somehow being corrupted by them, it still doesn't make sense that none of them are THINKING this. 

Sorry, I feel harsh. This is just really bugging me, even more than the idea that Twilight had a complete personality change. 
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Oh cool the next page is up too. This is really getting interesting.
He found out that she's a pear..... >8)
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10 is not so cold
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Flash Fire: I've asked him that the moment I met him, yet I sill don't have an answer. 
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Because you're not Derpy
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Dr. X: Because he speaks of someone he saw dead on a slab.
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Why am I getting the feeling that the Doctor is a Zygon?
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Wait.... Is there a "next page" yet?
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Rose is catching on now, why you being so strange Doctor?
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
He's not being pessimistic he's being realistic.
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Sometimes to save what someone was you have to destroy what they are now.
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he see it that disasters a lot of times
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Never wrote it before, but I think the significance of page 77 is realized when one considers the prophecy. In doubting that Twilicorn's friends will live thousands of years without aging before returning to their own time to fulfill prophecy, (thought that'd still be a neat plausible option so far :D), at this point it seems more likely that the prophecy has already been fulfilled, Twilicorn being dead, gone, and replaced for thousands of years even before all her friends died. ^^
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I'm starting to think that what the prophecy really meant was that even if the Elements bodies died, their spirits would live on as a part of Twilight.
adamlhumphreys's avatar
... I've no idea how you get that out of "Twilight will not outlive her friends." :icontwilightwatplz:
BBBHuey's avatar
Their frienship would last forever in her heart. As long as Twilight lives, their memory and friendship will never die. It's methaphorical. A figure of speech.
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