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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 161


Translator. sorry. future pages are forest of words.

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DragonTurtle2's avatar
What was behind the decision to give Firestorm dark gray, semi-transparent speech bubbles?  In this poorly lit room for this part of the story, I REALLY have to strain to read his dialogue?
Beat her senseless and asponge the zygons!!!
Oh for Celestia's sake! Don't play dumb with us, Doctor, I know you know as well as I exactly where Twilight is. Is this some sort of test? I don't see where the results are relevant.
verdigry's avatar
Knowing the doctor I wouldn't be to surprised if it was a test.
O_o...... tch.....
Fairylover2095901's avatar
Nope, not the real Twilight. I (and the rest of the readers) say that Twily's been replaced!
Hulan17's avatar
Animatorsnake's avatar
This Doctor Who (or Whooves) IS A LIE~!
sweetymimy22's avatar
still thinkt thats not the real twilight
gutgutgut's avatar
Talk about pragmatic, Doctor! Have you been taking lessons from the Vulcans?...
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Here there is no right answer.

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
The choice is theirs.
tigreanpony's avatar
I still have a feeling that the real Twilight is in one of the pods, probably drained by the Zygon and the replacement has her power.
sweetymimy22's avatar
well that or she is death
alexandermon's avatar
C'mon Doctor, it's not that simple. 24 hours ago she was their best friend. You cannot expect that just by showing her evil they are willing to fight her, even less to kill her.
Coora's avatar
Look in the sodding pods you muppets, the answer will become clear!
Nice so far, but the text on the dark speech bubbles is a bit hard to read
Valmar33's avatar
I think it's pretty damn obvious that "Twilight" is a Zygon herself... what else could be in that huge cocoon but the real Twilight, weak and broken, but somewhat alive?

The Doctor's not that stupid... is he?

Also, what's Rose looking at?
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
the zygon they captured or the doctor
BBBHuey's avatar
It's kinda funny how none of them are arguing that Twilight might be a zygon herself.

If the Doctor says she's really evil, then it must be true.
SOARINDASH2's avatar
Aww. Imagine killing your best friend in the future and when you return, you won't be able to look at her the same way again…
A friend is still a friend, no matter how bad their choices. All Twilight needs is a reminder of who she was before and realize that she can still do the right thing. (You have no idea how many flashbacks I got to when I read Past Sins by Penstroke.)
BBBHuey's avatar
The Element of Magic needs to learn honesty, kindness, generosity, laughter and loyalty again.

Right now, there's nothing but magic...
Why are the doctor acting like Twilight could not be replaced. Giving that Zygon are replacing ponies; one of the pods could be Twilight.
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