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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 160


that teeth....

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Hmm... Dunno why, but I see that Empress Twilight hair style look kinda like Lusamine in Pokemon Sun & Moon....
How convenient, the "hero" is just a victim 
marinus18's avatar
This really causes your story to lose some depth. I think it would have been stronger if Twilight really did have to do those things to protect to ponies of equestria. That she had her heart harden because of the responsibilities and sacrifices.
Agamemnon69's avatar
Yeah I kind of had a feeling that she was one.
And? Come on, bring it to the logical conclusion. Why is she sneaking Zygons into the city? I want to hear you say it.
AlzMarioWolfe's avatar

Why are you such a fucking dick

You know, I wouldn't normally bother to ask since it would be silly to expect an answer, but naturally I am curious. It's inevitable that I would catch the occasional fucking dick with how many comments I cast out, but it's never clear what drives them.

So would you grace me with an answer, since you've already suggested there's a point to asking the question?

AlzMarioWolfe's avatar

All your comments on these pages are so weird. Why do you talk like this? "I want to hear you say it." Like can you not be... WEIRD with everything you say

Naturally, in the same way I can jump off a cliff. I don't want to do it and I don't foresee any change to that opinion in the future, but it's easy so of course I possess the capacity.

AlzMarioWolfe's avatar

Only proving my point.

I suppose that proves mine as well.

Allanpike's avatar
Heck, she could actually be one herself...
turkey18eye's avatar
that would be lame,i wan't to see evil twilight
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
Maybe she's taken a page out of the american book and added a few notes? Get everybody together in one place, then blow away everything within a radius of a hundred miles. Works in every alien movie.
Chroniton8990's avatar
I hope not as that would be too pat and predictable. Besides why would a Zygon duplicte care about a prophecy that wouldn't apply to them?
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starlitgalaxy's avatar
Welp, I'm dead. *lies on the floor*
few minutes later....
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Yup, Twilight's gone nuts
How long will this comic be?
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
Do you want it to end soon or what?
Kind of

I'm just worrried if a comic like this is discontinued
GashibokA's avatar
don't worry. I'll be complete it.
No-Time-For-Caution's avatar
Okay I can see your point, but a comic with constand updates like this one is very unlikely to be just abandoned.
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