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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 159


some similar pony out there.....

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Fallout Equestria reference? You've got good taste, my guy/lady!

CrimsonFangX666's avatar
BlackJack and Pip hangin' out chit chatting. Man, what either of them wouldn't give to see this.
Delta52775's avatar
Wow, I just noticed the Fallout characters.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
All the Fallout, baby!
(also, irony: Twilight was so paranoid over who was a crimson changeling that she'd never guess that her own staff were crimson changelings!)
More deception- it breaks my feels
OmegaFloweytheFlower's avatar
Haha I see Blackjack and Littlepup. Nice reference.
TuckerFortyEight's avatar
and Homage in the back with the glasses.
OmegaFloweytheFlower's avatar
How could i miss that DX
camolotthe10's avatar
The big cocoon is actually real Twilight.
Callin' that shit right now.
Chikara521's avatar
RainbowBlast124's avatar
Fallout Equestria? XD
LarinaSkywalker's avatar
That grey pony in the third panel is either one of the Zygon ponies, or Vinyl and Octavia have a shared descendant.
Ramon906's avatar
The gray pony with the vinyl scratch mane is actually Homage the pony with black and red mane is Blackjack and the pony on the left of Blackjack is Littlepip all  from Fallout Equestria 
FoodFrogs's avatar
That grey pony is Homage. The one with the brown hair is Littlepip and the one with red hair is Blackjack. I don't know the fourth one, but it's probably another Fallout Equestria reference like the other three. You should read it!
WorldRunner18's avatar
Little Pip, Blackjack and Homage!! :D
And I think that Twilight actually lost against the Zygons and was replaced. This doesn't count as a spoiler because I don't know.
Hey look! It's a cocoon that is much larger than the others and is placed prominently and separate from the others! I surely cannot imagine who might be in such a special cocoon.
Allanpike's avatar
Oooooh... noooot good.
LoneWolfIcy's avatar
P sure I can see at least three that are not actual ponies...
DezzyD19's avatar
i see what you did there
Once ya go black, you'll never go jack...... ask her. Owo
CameoFiasco's avatar
amwrambo's avatar
prensestwilight01's avatar
I think she isn't real one. During the war against the Crimson challengings Twilight replaced. She can't do that.
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