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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 158


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DrWhoFan611's avatar
If they are the zygon pony, then why do they have hands?
bazla1236's avatar
and now i'm  starting to think that chrisalis has defeted twilight and taken its form and place and did same thing to her like trape her somewere
well that is my theory
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Twilight became a liar
Rassiliana's avatar
Oh, so what if Twilight was replaced by a Zygon?
Which means that the Empress either is a Zyg...sorry, "Crimson Changeling", or the REAL empress pulled a Queen Elizabeth from Day of the Doctor.
Clearly. I wouldn't even call that inference yet.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Twilight has been replaced. Which means there is a good chance that large cocoon nearby has Twilight inside.
ThunderDasher123's avatar
Then it turns out that the zygons killed Twilight and the prophecy came true cause they came to the future. lmao
Fairylover2095901's avatar
Then that means Twilights been replaced!EEEEEEE 
Don't mind me. Just goin through Twiley's browser history..... can't find s***!! What da heck?.....
samuraivalerie's avatar
then what? you cant just leave it here.
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she a phony! a big fat phony! 
Element0fKindness's avatar
So if Twilight fought against Zygon Ponies, then why is she giving orders to Zygon Ponies, unless those orders didn't come from Twilight, despite the royal seal, (also explains the odd use of "key of prophecy" thing) which would be a very good thing, because I really don't want to think the story is so simple as she's been replaced by one.
BBBHuey's avatar
Don't keep us suspense Doc...
Animatorsnake's avatar
If that's so... then... what happened to Twilight? She evil or a zygon... I don't know which of the two are worse
kevin110197's avatar
Maybe she was kidnapped by the zygon.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Isn't that the same as her being a zygon, they'd kidnap ponies and replace them, same like changelings except worse
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
And if Twilight is now basically fuckin' Victor von Doom in this future, then the Zygon ponies are gonna be so damn screwed once they try confronting her
1Foxcomm's avatar
Or, you know, the Zygon ponies replaced Twilight.  Just maybe.
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Kind of doubt it seeing as how Twilight's sovereign ruler to every pony here, she must have high tech and magic to point out the Zygon just by capturing everypony and sealing them for inspection. If they replaced her, then it'll be just another Changeling Wedding only with Aliens, and I doubt the writer will make it THAT predictable. So if anything, it's gonna be suspense and surprise in every corner here, like a Mobius-Strip 
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: .......... :iconyoudontsayplz:
Come on! Say it! Say that Twilight is an impostor!
Pokebreeder25's avatar
i was right. twilight is an imposter
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