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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 156


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Deadpool:  Hey there true believers, its me Deadpool! You may be asking what I'm doing in the comments section, but why wouldn't I be here? As of an episode of Death battle, me and the Pinks are the best of friends.  Pinkie:  Hey there Deadpool, what are you doing here?  Deadpool: Well I heard you where going on an adventure through time and space with some possible violence, and i decided "well that sounds fun." So i packed up and came, cause you know me I'm always ready to assist, with violence.  Pinkie: Thanks Deadpool, but I think the Doctors got this handled.  Deadpool:  Doc, you mean that old time traveling egg head?  Doctor:  I am not an egg-head.  SaiyanStrong: would you all shut up I'm trying to comment.  Deadpool.  But you already are.  SaiyanStrong:...
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"And why would you call it 'Zygone'?"
"Cause I wanna throw a party and like Zygones be Zygones"
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Yes I am that kind of asshole
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Pinkie. Aways breaking the 4th wall like its nothing.XD XD
Horizon-Glide's avatar
Meanwhile, the 4th Wall restoration crew has given up on life and decided to just stop fixing the bloody thing all the time.
mikuthesinger's avatar
Lol 4th wall break
ThatOneGirlInFandoms's avatar
pinkie omfg stop breaking the fourth wall 030
Artyunris's avatar
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Gamerwolf684's avatar
Pinkie is secretly a time lord, she just doesn't know it yet XD
Jose1000000's avatar
Who else but Pinkie? lol
P-the-J's avatar
Dammit Pinkie I was starting to like that 4th wall
R-Doll's avatar
Silly Pinkie, never misses a beat name-drop. 

TallGeekyGirl's avatar
Oh Pinkie. Just let Zygons be Zygons...
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Yeah, Pinkie's right, but of course the name is literal to the creature itself, Crimson by its color and Changeling by how it behaves as one changeling changes itself to another creature as most usually used as a disguise, but yeah with creativity, I'd prefer Pinkie's suggestion for it, Zygon
Ah already called it Zygon first, Pink Lemonade. Pick somethin else... >8)
Pinkie: O_o..... um..... uhh...... shoot!!
Me: Level up, Ponkie!! XD
Fourth Wall: Oh my ****in gosh, Joe. Thank you so much for savin mah behind!
Me: No prob, Bob!..... Ew, stop!! Don't kiss me!.... da heck?...
I frickin' knew it was a Zygon. -.-
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Oh Pinkie, silly pone.

Nicely done.
A "Zygon"? What a silly name. You might as well call it a "Raxacoricofallapatorian."
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Seems legit. 
:iconpinkiepieplz: Pinkie approves!
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It is great to see Spike as a badass for once.
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