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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 156


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Deadpool:  Hey there true believers, its me Deadpool! You may be asking what I'm doing in the comments section, but why wouldn't I be here? As of an episode of Death battle, me and the Pinks are the best of friends.  Pinkie:  Hey there Deadpool, what are you doing here?  Deadpool: Well I heard you where going on an adventure through time and space with some possible violence, and i decided "well that sounds fun." So i packed up and came, cause you know me I'm always ready to assist, with violence.  Pinkie: Thanks Deadpool, but I think the Doctors got this handled.  Deadpool:  Doc, you mean that old time traveling egg head?  Doctor:  I am not an egg-head.  SaiyanStrong: would you all shut up I'm trying to comment.  Deadpool.  But you already are.  SaiyanStrong:...