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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 150


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So is this guard actually a double agent?  I thought one of the group we were with had just put on the armor of the guard they'd knocked out.  This scene hasn't been a good place for introducing new characters, since so much of it is in shadow; I haven't been able to keep track of who and where everyone is.
... two double agents one for each side... of course...
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The guards are... they're REALLY apathetic.
"Oh, hey. That resistance member got loose and knocked out the other guards. Whelp, not my problem."
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I already forgot if she was tied up in a previous page. XD it's been long since I read this. 
OK, the door just looks like it was taken whole from the old Dr Who set style. The beveled door, the dark sandstone look. Now I don't know what's intentionally connected and what I'm just connecting because it's a coincidence. :brain: It's cool, though.
XD She pretty much just rolled up da windows on yall niggas!
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where is next page?
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I bet that's discord in the egg!;)
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Dayum... this is one hell of a dark story... O_O

Dark but awesome...
I hope this story isn't just evil Twilight. The comic is beautifully drawn but I just can't envision Twilight ever slipping that far. I can see her falling into despair as the centuries pass and her friends die, she would become cold and aloof due to fear of making new relationships that will inevitably end as she lives on. I can see her losing the ability to empathize and becoming stoic as she defaults to logic so that she may govern without breaking down. I can see her losing the ability to care about her subjects as individuals as she prioritizes Equestria as a whole. She may not even be happy to see her time traveled friends because they remind her of what she lost. But cruelty? Sadism? Selfishness? Deception? Even if she lost her sanity Twilight would not go that far. An insane Twilight would be more like a hermit living in self imposed exile and isolation than a mad tyrant.

I was very interested during the brief scene where Twilight said that Spike and the rebels were the bad guys. I can't see Spike as evil either, but I was intrigued at the possibility of neither side being in the right or wrong. There are many decisions Twilight could make as ruler that would be morally questionable, but necessary, and Spike could have objected to it and opposed her. Then the time travelers would have to choose who to side with despite there being no clear answer with both sides of the story having justification. However, it really looks like Twilight is in the wrong. Another intriguing possibility is that this is not Twilight, but a changeling. That would explain a lot if Twilight got replaced during that changeling attack they mentioned.

Anyway, I really want to see what happens next and I'm hoping there is some twist to explain why Twilight is doing this. It would be a downer if they kill evil Twilight, save Equestria, then have their memories erased or whatever so that they don't tell present Twilight that she will inevitably become a monster and die at their hands in 1000 years after committing many atrocities.
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Have you ever noticed that the back of the guards manes look like they have darts in their necks?
Fairylover2095901's avatar
katelove77's avatar
Okay, who is that guard? She didn't stop the attack, nor was she a target, so she must be on their side and they know it. How did this come to be?
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I think the Doctor is much to inactive.
Usual he's often a bit Hyperactive in the Series, he do Jokes even when 5 Master-Daleks want to kill him.
This Doctor is more like James Bond and Twilight a bit like Bonds Enemy in the Movies.
I know the Doctor change his Personality with each Regeneration, but Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith, all have play him as impulsive, funny and a bit crazy Person.
I like the Story and I'm interested how it continue, but you should give the Doctor more of his TV Personality.
If you want to add some more crazy Stuff, let other People arrive on the Scene.
Would be funny if theres a Flash and with her usual "Hi Sweety." theres River.^^
Try the old Old Series characters. Different style, fewer jokes, fewer one-liners.
jyroman53's avatar
Damn son RD is fast !
Fairylover2095901's avatar
Who the heck knows what's going on?
PrincessTwilight54's avatar
what guard doing? try escape or help it or what?
Kingofturves's avatar
Rarity, I'm not sure if now is the right time for a bondage session...
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
I think Rarity is in some sort of bondage strap
Silver--Pen's avatar
BloodyRevenge117's avatar
Rarity is still gagged...nopony has removed it yet? nopony else is tied up...what gives? lol
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