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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 147


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Negaboss2000's avatar
That black mare kinda looked like Nyx
Hehe. Looks like she wanna do this da hard way..... if only Chris Hansen was here....
I'm surprised she got so close. It's not like those collars would stop a prisoner from kicking even when they're secured.
KingofPickard1's avatar
My favorite theory. What happens when you punch someone in the head? 
MiragePotato's avatar
zygons zygons everywhere
Mr-Pony-Man's avatar
oh, things are getting good.
PhotoshopExpress's avatar
Do I want to ask where the Doctor hid that sonic screwdriver!?!  He's a naked pony.  He had to have been walking kind of funny, and I'm willing to bet that the screwdriver smells bad, tastes even worse and is VERY unsanitary for him to have in his mouth.
GashibokA's avatar
the Traditional hide place for Prisoner, in the mouth
Then how was he talking previously?  He would have sounded like his mouth was full of... screwdriver!  The guards don't check mouths?  We need a better explanation!
GashibokA's avatar
it's look's like non-magicpowered stick.
diamondmanmega's avatar
Maybe he keeps it in his hair like Pinkie
Animatorsnake's avatar
Hi, I want you to meet a friend, hoof meet pony, pony meet hoof, say hi
EndertheDark's avatar
The screwdriver.
PapyJr13's avatar
In your face !!!
One punch? One punch!
jyroman53's avatar
Holy shet ! That was fast !
anja1226's avatar
ONE PUNCH is the answer!!
neogoki's avatar
Doctor + Dungeon = instant Big trouble
R-Doll's avatar
Nice shot!
What's next?
samuraivalerie's avatar
Run you clever boy.
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