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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 146


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but not necessarily in that order!
First things first. We need to deal with dat stuffed crust, man.....
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Time to escape... Doctor Whooves style
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Operation: get out of this place
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*Meanwhile, in the battle between Spike and the Zygon...*
Question: That speech bubble points to the Doctor, but his mouth is closed. Is he speaking, or is Rose?
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Is he going to release the ponies? Possibly including the real Twilight?
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Screw Twilight, DOCTOR WHOOVES will save the universe.
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Actually, he will probably save the real Twilight and then one pissed off alicorn kicks some Zygon ass.
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I know. It was just a half-ass reaction.
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^ Don't worry, I found it :D
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Why are you replying to mind
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You said you had no comment so I assumed you had lost it. So I found it for you :D
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.. i had to say  so fuck off 

 hide your comment and responses since there no point

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Maybe she needs a muffin....
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ayy! XD
Haven't seen you in ages, how have you been?
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Can the Doctor trust this pony? 
Or is it yet another spy attempting to be led to the others? 
Who can be trusted? 
Will Twilight see the error of her ways?
Will our heroes survive this adventure?
Will Pinkie break out her Party Cannon of Destruction?
Will Spike continue to out cool Dash?

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More importantly will they have the party that was originally planned
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find out on the next Recall the Time of No Return!
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