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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 144


yeah. this is a Doctor Whooves comics. 

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That is one ugly pony!
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Ohhhh... whatcha gonna do, use a flame sword on him?
Daiguey's avatar
Wait so if what the ponies are referring to as "Crimson Changelings" were actually in truth Zygons, then that means, Princess Twilight is alive,

Probably captured, but alive none the less
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Spike badass mode.
flashfreeze94's avatar
Is that a zygone?
OWO..... Come on, buddy.... just one is all......
Daiguey's avatar
You don't know what the physiology of a zygon is do you... for the record I don't mean offense
Oh no no. I want Spike to be injured so I can be right and put Pinkie's pinkie sense to shame. XD da heck's a zarbo-- I mean, zygon?....
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sweetymimy22's avatar
i hope you believe them now
I think she's as standing back as she's going to get.
julian0123's avatar
An hilarious first panel followed by a badass one... I love this page.
PapyJr13's avatar
Badass Spike in action !!
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Now that was cool 
AJR001's avatar
It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!! :XD:
DrX-Raven's avatar
Raven: ZYGON!!
YaraKaze's avatar
Now, lets see Spike doing a useful thing!
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
I feel stupid now for not getting this sooner
Spike looks so badass!
Animatorsnake's avatar
Prepare for combat!
bladra's avatar
wait if that was a impostor of what was meant to be twilight's student then would that mean.....oh crude *opens a portal* i got to check at the castle fast*
Fist-of-doom's avatar
Just realized "Red Changelings" probably means Zygons. They change shape and are Red.
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