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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 142


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Okay, man, you're going a little nuts with these random butt-shots. It's getting annoying.
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applejack: look behind you...
me: it papyrus!!
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YA BETTER TURN AROUND!!!!!! IT AINT THE RAINBOW COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know, it's supposed to be a dramatic moment, but all I can think of is AJ's plot. :icondatplotplz:
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Oh sweet Celestia!
At this point, I suspect the only thing that turning around will change is how happy the remainder of your life is. You might as well stay blissfully unaware.
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I had recently all read and I love this concept !!

Continue and more blood !
-_-...... you feelin giddy now, ponkie?.... oh, hush....
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Eeyup, she's boned... ^^; smaller than her head.
cory0brennan's avatar
Ponies' heads are big usually 
That's what I've been saying!
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I bet its going to be something cute >.<...
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I honestly hope their not in ponyshap.
RiouMcDohl26's avatar
I can hear the Doc shouting "She's not a pony, It's an alien duplicate!"
HawkHurricane's avatar should say "Don't look behind you", because - as in every movie - that's the cue, when somebody MUST look behind him/her... :P
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