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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 141


Grandpa... the Last moment is coming....
so... I leave my home and stay with him.

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Speak of the devil... treachery everywhere 
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........umm please turn around
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I hope she will not be eaten or brutally murdered in some way.
I like the comic, but I dont like the sight of cute, nice little ponies being killed.

I wonder what the "monster" will be, maybe a changeling, but that would be cheap right?
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It already happened though...

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Theory: the story goes that Twilight only went evil after the battle with the crimson changelings, right? I believe that Twilight was replaced by a changeling. The changeling that replaced Twilight then allowed other changelings to come into the kingdom, disguised as ponies. The "Twilight changeling" then killed off tons of people, leaving the majority of the population changelings. Spike, being fairly close to Twilight became suspicious and started the resistance. Ponies joined, due to their own suspicions and also loved ones being murdered or captured. Also, The twilight changeling claims she is putting captivees into a sleeping state, but in reality she is somehow making them into changelings. The plan was going well, until the Mane 6 came, and the crimson changelings remembered how the Mane 6 could use the elements of harmony. Thus, the Twilight Changeling sent her minions to capture the ponies. However, the resistance got to them first. Even so, the resistance obviously has some leaks in it. Changelings learned about it from other citizens and joined. Finally, the prophecy was confirmed because when the changelings got Twilight, the only way to control her was to kill her. So, when the Mane 6 came to the future, the prophecy was fulfilled.
Just shut up and look behind you, you idiot!
Well ... there is a VERY good reason behind you ...
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silly little one. you don't know the Pinkie sense like spike does!
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Really should have  listened to/believed Pinkie...her Pinkie sense is powerful stuff!
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Two words. Turn, around.
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Famous last words.
I'd recommend Spike take you off active rebellion duty for insubordination, but there's no need for him to add insult to injury at your funeral. You behavior isn't egregious enough to merit posthumous dishonors.
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You ignored the Pinkie Sense and now you are dead.
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Never. Ignore. Pinkie. Sense.
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Look behind you... ^^;
o_o........ oh, be quiet...
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So sorry to hear about your grandpa. :(
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