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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 140



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itterrecmas's avatar
I like how evean after yeare spike dosent even hesitate to full on agree with the pinkie sence
dragonblue900's avatar
I bet she is a changeling
ChaoticNote's avatar
Wait... Firestorm was caught but not Night Star? Yeah okay something is definitely not right about this.
demiprimordialgal's avatar
Maybe that's how they got caught or...?
LadySolonna's avatar
So wait...
if pinkie's tail is twiching
and she ses:
"stay away from _____"
Does that outomaticly make them a bad guy?

Night Star is a changeling in desquize, with the real NS beeing ded or captured for ages now.
samuraivalerie's avatar
Wait... Tail twitching usually means something's gonna fall....
LadySolonna's avatar
like a disquize
samuraivalerie's avatar
No like literaly fall.
LadySolonna's avatar
I know
her desquize will fall of her reall face
samuraivalerie's avatar
i think i'd have a better time believing that if it were a mask.
animevampiregirl25's avatar
I get the feeling that she actually twilight's daughter and she leading them to a trap
anja1226's avatar
Play 'Truth or Dare' game with Night
YaraKaze's avatar
Oh? Whats going on here?
Somebody pick up da phone on da next page. I'm still callin it. XD Pinkie gon lose all her 'sense' cause ahm bout to wreck dat thang!
*puts down 50 more bucks*
Randomponyzilla's avatar
She looks like Nightmare moon. No explanation needed
LadySolonna's avatar
Nightmare moon: that sir is racist

Me: sorry to say it, but in a way it is.
Randomponyzilla's avatar
How is that racist? :P Nightmare Moon = bad news. unless this was a joke. lol
LadySolonna's avatar
it was ment as a joke

Not everyone is racist or ment something in racist way just because it sounded like that
but it's funn to be the one who uses that line once in a while

sorry for bothering you
have a nice day :3
Randomponyzilla's avatar
XD oh, I know what you mean. You're fine. lol
GoofyRat's avatar
awesome and love it already thank you for time and effort theponystories extends a brohoof
Animatorsnake's avatar
Either she's a traitor, she's not who she says she is, or something really bad is going to happen near or from her
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
the thing on her head might show their location 
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