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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 139


I will be upload 4 page of comic per week in July.
Thank you for your patience.

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Awwww Pinkie~ :D

Nice job!
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Um.. Maybe she the Night star is a changeling too..? ( P.S. This toon is awesome! Thanks always!)
samuraivalerie's avatar
Is she going to explode? Twice? Is there time to set up some tarps for the mess?
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Here it comes!! Night Star is gonna be glue! I'm callin it now! The yellow one is a spy, too! Somebody pick up da phone! Cause ahm callin out dat pinkie sense!!
*puts down 50 bucks*
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Step away from Night Star? What for?
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It appears we have a Spy Suprise tf 2 (emote random) in out mists GENTLEMAN MAY I MAKE A SUGGESTION Spy Vanana (Emote) Tf2 Spy's rape face Surprise Spy emote
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Shit is about to go down
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I;m getting the feeling that the red changelings are the pony versions of the zygons.  If thats true, it could make the arguement for twilight being a imposter more creditable, given zygons have a habit of doing that.
bruiser128's avatar
It would also explain why Twilight can no longer control the sun and moon, not to mention her psychopathic behaviour.
tigreanpony's avatar
I'm not surprised, there had to be one.
Midnight-pelt's avatar
Is Night Star a traitor? dun dun dunnnn
Precychou's avatar
Maybe she a Changeling too !
askwasteali's avatar
Ali: I knew it...
Shadow-Ichigo's avatar
Listen to what the Pink one says
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That is a dum dum duuuuum moment.
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