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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 137


My grandpa gonna be fine.

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2nt pannel is awesome.
Dayum ... on the ball again!
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Why is it $30 for ONE PAGE?
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Ok, gonna call it now because I'm getting caught up and I didn't see anyone mention it a few pages back on 133; the cocoons are like the Flesh in Dr Who, and aren't only locking people into stasis. They're also cloning them (or in MLP terms probably creating a changeling), making another copy that's loyal to Evil Twi. The reason why the Doctor is worried is that, if they had THIS many people in the resistance locked away, there shouldn't be a resistance left, but clearly they're still around. How many of the people AJ, Pinkie, and Dashie have been talking to aren't actually themselves anymore? I'm going to assume they haven't gotten Spike yet, or there wouldn't be a need to play the hiding game anymore, but is he the only one left? 
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OMG 21,68€ the PAGE?

That's a REALLY expensive book!
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book? I don't have a plan.
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Pinkie sense strikes again!
Thank you, Pinkie Sense!
You save the day!
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XD, well. Pinkie is being Pinkie once again.
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I think what she trying to say is "I sense a disturbance in the Force"
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Oh my WORD, the little graph line going through Pinkie's eyes is PERFECT! XD So nice to see her in her element again after all this sadness!
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I think AJ's more shocked Pinkie's butt is in her face 8D
Nice job!
I guess you'd best check this out, then. It sounds serious.
Oh, what? Spike is gonna get attacked and injured? Ha! Some pinkie sense....
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Applejack, forget about it. This is Pinkie Pie we're talking about here... :XD:
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Cool comic, and I'm glad your grandfather is alright. :)
Please don't make the twist Twilights a changeling, we're all expecting that, do something clever and original, it's been awesome so far btw.
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Something is going to fall in the Command Room?
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