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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 134


poor Pinkie....

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She needs a hug.
LadySolonna's avatar
Things are bad, yes. But they'll get better. You all wouldn't let things be otherwise.
AJR001's avatar
Profound sandess... ^^;
O_o..... well, at least she's not breaking in my living room anymore. This is the fourth wall I had to replace this week!.....*sigh*.....
*pats pinkies head*
ShadowBr0ny's avatar
I'd be like Pinkie at this point too. Twilight is my favorite character and seeing her like this makes me both angry and sad at this point. T_T Poor Pinkie, she may be sad now, but there is still more she does not know.
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Next frame: Pinkie pulls out a knife and stabs apple jack
MudDrawer's avatar
You know, I always had that feeling of Pinkamena coming up ever since Pinkie's mane deflated.

Want some cupcakes? >:3
tigreanpony's avatar
This will be good I can't wait to see what is happening outside of Twilight's palace.
Element0fKindness's avatar
Finally getting back to the other half of the story.  Though, sad pink pony makes me sad too. 
MiguelofKing's avatar
The Poor Pinkie… Waaaah! Cry forever SpongeBob (Cries) rainbow cry [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon 
R-Doll's avatar
Time for some comfort. qwq
What will they do now? Aside from following through this journey. 
Feyenna's avatar
well...  this is getting mysterious
Animatorsnake's avatar
Time for some cousin comfort moment now, Applejack
RoboRed's avatar
gamer246's avatar
so are we getting to the 'good' side of the war
MDWebster's avatar
Go on Applejack, go comfort your… um… distant cousin... on your mother's side… twice removed?

Er...How is Pinkie related to Applejack again in the family tree?

Never mind.
NebulaNyx1's avatar
Pinkie and Applejack are either 7th cousins or 9th cousins. Dont ask how it works because I dont know.
Got that from here:…
MDWebster's avatar
Yeah we really don't know, but who really cares?
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