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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 133


Native American, Inuit translation now on work!

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DrWhoFan611's avatar
I'm guessing it's because they use it to search through the memories of the resistance members to find the base.
Horizon-Glide's avatar
Huh. I thought we'd seen her before. Even then, her design reminded me of Dash. A distant descendant, maybe? Then again, it's been 1000 years, so it's unlikely that there'd still be some family resemblance.
Helmie-D's avatar
I love Firestorm/s design! Especially the dark circles under her eyes <3 
Whose OC is it? (I believe someone payed 50$ and got his OC in the resistance)
GashibokA's avatar
you're right. Firestorm is  My Patron's OC.  
Nbking992's avatar
What is a cocoons?
KateWeatherMachine2's avatar
It's a green thing (at least, usually green) that helps caterpillars to turn into butterflies. They were also seen in the season finale of season 2 in MLP. 
And if u want more info on cocoons, google it. It's that simple.
Not to sound rude though.
Nbking992's avatar
I dont get the joke in the last 2 panels
KateWeatherMachine2's avatar
Joke? Someone wondered what a chrysalis was and I answered it, I half suspected he was joking but answered it anyways :shrug: rvmp 
KateWeatherMachine2's avatar
Okay, now I'm confused... What are u saying what at???
PhotoshopExpress's avatar
I bet the cacoons have like a mind steal type thing like Kylo did in the new Star Wars.
AJR001's avatar
Looks like that hideout was boned. :XD:
Well, crap. Shoulda deleted your history, lil lady! XD
Well you don't really know that. For all you know, Firestorm is the first real Resistance member who's ever been captured, and they don't have her in a cocoon yet.

But, yes, it is hard to maintain a truly secret hideout for long periods of time. If the Resistance really has been undisturbed in the same place for the better part of seven years, that is suspicious.
Randomponyzilla's avatar
Cocoons? Is Twilight getting inspiration from Chrysalis? 
MiragePotato's avatar
lets hope twilight dont kill spike and use his skin for a new wallet and armor
I know the Doctor is going to get them out of this.

He always does.
tom117z's avatar
He will talk a lot, hope something good happens, and then take all the credit. That's how it usually works :P

That. And the occasional clever thing.
"oi! I'm up here being clever and there's no one around to be amazed. Why do I keep you lot?" 
Gromf007's avatar
Heh, betchya they have the cocoons counted.
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