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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 132


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Seriously, why is 'kyaaa' a thing?
PacificGreen's avatar
Panel #2: Silly Rose, you can't eat that giant loaf of bread.
ChaoticNote's avatar
She looks fucking starving.
I'm not sure if that's a truthful answer to the question you were asked. The grouping was ambiguous, so it's hard to be sure.
redhidra's avatar
the cutiemarks maybe?
Cause she's friends with the mane 6 and is secretly an alicorn and she's more powerful than all the princesses combined and Discord is her boyfriend/waifu and she can do anything and everything and helped the CMC get through college....
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Hmm...I wonder how keen that guard is to changing sides after what just happened...
Valmar33's avatar
Seems like the guard is thinking about defecting and helping them escape? That's the vibe I'm getting from the way she's been acting in this scene. Could be wrong...
tyruvelp's avatar
plz stop the torture 

i would rather wait longer to have more pages at once 

especially when the progression is really slow atm 
TheFanButtonCreaator's avatar
tyruvelp he has other things besides art he has  life behind his art give GashibokA some time
tyruvelp's avatar
i think you both missed the point of what i said/meant 

i do not mean devote all his time to this story/art

i meant, as an analogy, instead of posting 1 page a week post 4 pages at the end of the month instead 

in other words (unless it effects his paycheck) all the pages he would make in a month (be it 1 or 3 or 7 (note random numbers) or what have you)  post them only at the end of the month (patrons could get them as the pages are finished as a tiered patron reward) 

i was not implying he should make more pages faster, and i apologize for the confusion 
GashibokA's avatar
I do not want to die of starvation so I have a Job. 
tyruvelp's avatar
see my other comment and i apologize 
SlayerRevanche's avatar
What sort of crazy excuse is that!? :p
samuraivalerie's avatar
........ relative?
sigel4ever's avatar
i can suppose both sides wants the end of the twilight era

the biggest problem is twilight sparkle
diamondmanmega's avatar
How does she look better now?
PLsboss1's avatar
The last page I thought she has been there for a while, but now I can see she has been there maybe for a day or some hours.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Your chained by the neck, and somepony you don't know appears and the first thing you do is scream? NOW'S NOT THE TIME TO SCREAM!
theMLPfan34's avatar
Cool. :D But that's a girl pony isn't it?
theMLPfan34's avatar
That's what I meant. Silly me. XD
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