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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 131


that OC is Firestorm Dash.

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Scary as F*&% pony noticed.
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Oh, look, somebody's OCs
Doctor- maybe you too are just so old that the toll of the passage of time no longer matters to you, true it makes sense for things to shift rather than not, but that is why I dislike it...

oh oh hey creepy pone.
"Yes, I'm Florida, my sister Skeleton and this is my brother Francis Scott."
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I hope there is something else that happend, I dont really like the Idea of Twilight getting a tyrant just because a lot of time passed.
One would expect her to become some sort of Übernerd but not Pony-Stalin.
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Same here, unless the fighting the changelings that became her friends sent her off the deep end. 
Although if you want to see what Stalin is capable of if he live longer read this: LINK
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someone give that pony a hay burger stat
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Well, Celestia lived for way over 1000 years without going evil.
That depends. Are you on drugs?
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Woah!! Who are you? I know the name's in the description but it does not explain what she was/how she got in there.

980 years can change a pony but... Twilight would more likely see them as ghosts if the prophecy was not in play. Theory wise. 
I agree with the Doctor on this one. Things need to change
XD This is just classic!
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Hey Firestorm, Slenderman called. It wants its creepy back. :XD:
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Most people's personalities are fairly set by the time they reach their 30s and don't change radically after that, barring dementia or brain damage. Of course, most people don't live to be a thousand plus.

(OTOH, Celestia remained a good 'un for millennia, and the Doctor himself has remained a hero for centuries in spite of multiple changes of personality and body, so there's a counterexample or two if you want. )
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but people can change when something bad tragic happen
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Given bad enough circumstances, I can see Twilight changing for the worse, but in a "Twilight Way": [1] I have a great deal of trouble seeing the path leading to this cruel, arrogant asshole. 

[1] "No, no, you have it all wrong! I did kill a lot of Ponies, but the total Happyness Quotient will increase as a result! I can show you the math!" :)
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For me I think the Crimson Changelings could make the enemy think they are being attacked by a friend. That right there could explain why Twilight became a paranoid psychopath, which combined with her great rationalist intellect makes her even more dangerous than Stalin ever was.:frightened: 
Holy Shit! There's always that creepy anime character that crawls towards the protagonists and scares them unintentionally.
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I don't know what all the fuss is about Rose's line. What I understand is that she merely suggested a possible explanation that this Twilight is fake to answer her own question, that why Twilight changed so drastically, and apparently both the Doctor and her are not very satisfied with this. If Doctor hadn't interrupted, she would probably have finished that sentence with something like '' if she's fake how could she fools so many ponies without causing any suspicions '' or something like that.

This implies nothing about whether future Twilight is actually fake or not, since Rose merely suggested this possibility, and both Doctor and her can't be sure whether she's right or wrong, though the Doctor seems more inclined to the latter.

I really don't see how that line confirmed the ''Twilight is a changeling'' theory. And how is it poor writing? The conversation sounds perfectly natural and fine to me, if Gandhi is immortal and you find out that after 1000years he became an insane dictator and nuked everything on Earth, you'd wonder if he is fake or not.
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She lived for over 900 years and during that time she was already showing change in her demeanor after her friends died of old age. Something that probably shouldn't have happened since the prophecy said she wouldn't outlive her friends.

The biggest change however didn't happen until 7 years ago, right after a war with Crimson Changelings. She started a witch hunt for Changelings possibly still lurking in the kingdom and supposedly killed over 2000 citizens in the process (I use term "supposedly" because if Twilight is indeed a Changeling, then her killing ponies is a waste of good food. And nopony would go looking for dead ponies.)

The biggest question is how everypony is still loyal to Twilight after such a purge? And how not even the rebels suspects that Twilight might be replaced when this whole mess happened right after a Changeling invasion? And if that is indeed the case, what significance does the propechy serve and how does it tie in with anything when we're clearly dealing with a fake Twilight and not a real Twilight who lost her way?

And if she is indeed a fake Twilight, why would killing the Element Bearers ultimately kill her when keeping them alive is a much bigger risk? For that matter, are the Elements of this timeline truly dead? Because if they died, then she too would've been dead ages ago.    
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Fucking Scare °°°
ARtificially creating the conflict of if she is fake or not.

Pulling a bullshit line about 'how her personality had to ahve changed'. It wouldn't change like that. Celestia grew up over a thousand years dude, GREW UP, not became deranged. So false conflict there.

Seriously dude, the hell happen with your story? This page is outright the most incompetent in trying to create a story. Was a fuck load better earlier on.
Sighs, disappointing trains a rolling.

And to the trolls defending this, give me LEGITIMATE reasons other than 'stop reading it' and various insults. Give me a reason HOW this is good writing.
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