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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 130


Doctor already know what's going on this era. and Tardis too. that's why Tardis let them in.

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Horizon-Glide's avatar
That pegasus silhouette looks astonishingly like Rainbow Dash. That could mean a lot of things. Huh...
Time is a bi"ch
camolotthe10's avatar
Well, "Twilight", anyway. Real Twilight's reign ended something like seven years ago or so.
RainbowSheepeh's avatar
changlings scared the grammer out of rarity
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
Really?? REALLY !?? What about twilight in the past? She will be alone 'till they kill her in the future, what will they say to her?? "Sorry we didn't come to your birthday we wanted to abandon you 'cause you in the future will be very sad and we had to kill you 'cause you became an insane tyrant"??
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
But what if our twilight comes to the future and beat the shit out of the tyrant butt
jyroman53's avatar
Oh damn I'm still waiting for da epic outburst with spike and co !
Allanpike's avatar
Come now, Doctor. Don't talk like this is a fixed point. I can read you well enough to tell that you don't know how Twilight's reign ends, and you don't even know for sure that it ends on her 1000th birthday. There's very little that could happen today that would cause a paradox, because you know what is supposed to happen in only the vaguest terms, and you don't even know that it is to happen now.

Anyway, if we're talking things that have to happen, you returning the girls to their own time is an absolute must. There's very little that's happened since you arrived in the future that hasn't resulted in part from the fact that Twilight's friends did not mysteriously disappear soon after her coronation. If they never go home, you've got a major paradox on your hooves.
DashCentry's avatar
So they suicide to kill Twilight?
tom117z's avatar
I'm gonna say no.
ShadowWing34's avatar
I guess I knew who is that pony.
if you went back to page 108, you will see a pony with the same mane style, not to forget you will see  another pony who is smiling, and that pony who is smiling is the bat pony from the previous page.
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
And obviously who brought her here, you are a genius 
tasoganedude's avatar
Maybe because she won't stop whinni- I mean, "complaining".
XD I'm cryin, man! They straight up just did Rarity like that! That just seems so random to me....
hillbe's avatar
 Spike enters starting the rescue !  

"Not now Rarity! We can do your bondage thing later right now I've got to get you all out of here!"

"It's nice you remembered after all these years. . ."
sigel4ever's avatar
anyways, is time to end the nightmare
samuraivalerie's avatar
Who's that pony in the corner?
Sturmlion1's avatar
Raritys horn is uncovered, does that mean the collar is anti-magic?
GashibokA's avatar
yes.. all of magic block.
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So this Doctor is an ends justify the means Doctor.

oh Doctor, this is what happens when you travel alone (*shoves Roseluck off screen*). You become the Master.
tom117z's avatar
Do you remember the part where he didn't want to bring them there for this very reason? And that it was the TARDIS giving him the 'nudge nudge wink wink' to bring them there because it is likely a fixed point in time and must happen.

And this is the tenth Doctor BTW.
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