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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 129


????????????????????????????? not egg?

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GreenNoir's avatar
sooooooo twilight is preserving ponies to drain the life out of them

also she is working with the crimson changlings call me intrigued
DrWhoFan611's avatar
Why so many ponies...?
Hmph, this feels quite changeling esk
JediMoonstar's avatar
what's with the bat-ponies?
camolotthe10's avatar
Should have seen this coming.
Nopony was "executed", they were preserved so that the changeling queen posing as Twilight can drink them dry, using the fear of her own changelings as a cover.
verdigry's avatar
ok not ember eggs... 
Dawnfur8888's avatar
BAT PONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexander941's avatar
So the Bat-Ponies have Anti-Vampire Cutiemarks?
A Cross, Garlic,... whats the Moon thingy?
GashibokA's avatar
Bat pony don't eat a blood.
PiPanama's avatar
I'm guessing the pony in there is the real Nightstar then
ChaoticNote's avatar
Centaur71's avatar
*gulp* Uh, t-this is a side of Bat ponies I'd as soon NOT know...
I know what to do! IT'S TIME FOR SOME RANCH!
samuraivalerie's avatar
Let's take a look at the evidence shall we?
red changelings
stasis chamber
Twilight's current attitude
and for the sake of argument let's remember all those 'executions'
what am I getting at? Twilight's a changeling queen.
turkey18eye's avatar
you do realise those are vampire ponies from luna arrive at nightmare night
p.s if that really is a changeling in disguise as twillight should't dr whoove's knew about this cause he's a timelord
PrincessTwilight04's avatar
was he even there with twilight??? make up your goddamn mind dude 
samuraivalerie's avatar
no, not changeling in disuguise.
remember how she experimented to get those iron wolves?
whose to say she didn't study the red changelings during the war? and perform a few unnoted experiments?
Of course one thing remains even if the experiment thing isn't true.
Twilght has adopted the characteristics of a changeling queen, and from the look of it, is using some of the same magic as well.
turkey18eye's avatar
well let see how the story goes
The last time I saw pods like this was coincidentally during a certain changeling invasion... what a coincidence..
Why do I get the feeling that this "stasis chamber" is actually the "Food storage" room?
PastelFusion's avatar
Maybe once in the balls you become like those other ponies ( I would like to say crimson changeling but just in case it isnt ) and possibly that what's happen to twilight causing her to feel like all her subjects have to be like her? I don't know just a thoery ;)
R-Doll's avatar
Bat ponies? Of course, it makes sense since Luna's gone too Q-Q

Still, preservation? 'How' is clear but the Why? Conditioning? Needs for 'originals'?
Where is this going?

Just theorizing. Got my thinking and whovian insight cap on.
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Luckysweep's avatar
I'm suddenly reminded of changelings.
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