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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 125


Chapter 5 End.

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WELL fuck! That went 0 TO 100 REAL FAST!

GreenNoir's avatar
holy shit this got dark in 2 seconds JEEZ
MisteryMann's avatar
Damn, this is fuck up!
DrWhoFan611's avatar
"Out of curiosity, which method do you plan to use to preserve us?"

Really, Doc?
Horizon-Glide's avatar
Come on Doctor, I was about to take this situation seriously! But you just had to ruin the moment, didn't you? xD
PixieFeatherKw3's avatar
AskMLA's avatar
FoxyDaPirateFox99's avatar
No. Why I have to play sad music. Why.
Chapaevv's avatar
Well im done with you dude, this is too much for me. Sorry, but this comic is a total bullshit.
Luminarion's avatar
Whats wrong with it?

Sorry if i annoy you. i would just like your opinion
Chapaevv's avatar
Comic have no sence, another one violent and sad story with pony. Its 2016, time to create something new and interesting but there a lot of gore, grimdark and violent things on mlp comunity creating now. All this tons of content for reatards making me sad, because instead of spending powers and time on something realy good, autors with skill and talant do this. In this world so much bad things happens every day, why someone need more of this in mlp format? 
Luminarion's avatar
Oh yeah, ever since Mlp CreepyPasta the fandom has been a little....weird
FrostKuji's avatar
Here let me help set the mood, play this.…
P-the-J's avatar
Welp! Fluttershy's done
Negaboss2000's avatar
What do you mean?
P-the-J's avatar
She passed watching another pony get mauled I'd say she's done
Negaboss2000's avatar
does this mean that she died?
P-the-J's avatar
n ah she's just ko'd right row
Negaboss2000's avatar
Ah right, thank goodness because I'd really be freaked out if she did die
ijustloveit619's avatar
Chief117John's avatar
WTF happend... OMG this to crazy ... but i like it OLOLLOLOLL Im so on this comic!! can't wait to see more!! 
CassieAlicorn's avatar
I think a guard was killed right behind Fluttershy and when she turned around she fainted, kinda scary, especially for someone like Fluttershy.
.... no no no that not twilight hmmm i think this is be a changeling queen chrysalis
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