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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 121


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solserratcvr's avatar
so no one else has made a Sonic Rainboom?
DrWhoFan611's avatar
I'm sorry, but, the brown blond guard is just so freaking cute!
She'd probably have killed you all if she wasn't paranoid lay clinging to power- it's the only purpose she has left- she isn't an individual anymore, just a tool
swirliee's avatar
When did rainbow did a rainboom in this story?
P-the-J's avatar
looks like YOU have some required reading to do!
(Hands you comic)
Kyoshi001's avatar
this story just got rea! :0
Sturmlion1's avatar
I wonder who else is preserved?
"Keys," eh? Keys to what? To your continued reign? To your downfall? You ponies do read so much more into prophecies than is actually present.
Twiley gon cry in da car......
Randomponyzilla's avatar
crap, that punch didn't snap her out of it. oh well
R-Doll's avatar
Bugger, they got to get out of there and warn the others. Is on the way to preservation room a good escape time Doctor?
iryelb's avatar
Alright, I have to point out how stupid Twilight is being. Not that she's being evil and that's wrong or whatever but she is destined to die before her friends, this means that keeping them around her for-basically-ever is the worst idea imaginable. If Twilight rounds her friends up and sends them back in time to where they grew old and died she could live on knowing she had truly outlived them. However, if Twilight keeps her friends in the future in indefinite suspended animation than she is once again subject to the prophecy of her death.
Daiskida's avatar
You know, the way she speaks of the prophecy and even claiming "I might die if something happens to you" makes it sound more and more than she really doesn't know what the prophecy is about. Thus giving more that this isn't the real Twilight.
marinus18's avatar
I do think she knows the prophecy, regardless of rather she's really Twilight or not. However it's quite vague so she would want to keep them alive to figure things out. Also I think she'll now try to keep them alive forever.
Daiskida's avatar
Not know the prophecy? She was fucking present when the prophecy was spoken, it was said she won't outlive her friends. She clearly HAS outlived them, so her suddenly claiming "oh, if you die I might die as well" doesn't make a lick of fuckin' sense. Because they already died in this time stream, and yet she's fine.
marinus18's avatar
Who knows. She said that their return might refer to that and she doesn't really know. She better keep them alive now until she figures it out.
iryelb's avatar
That's an interesting idea, but wouldn't that mean she was a Changeling? Or maybe a "Red Changeling?" I suppose this whole Red Changeling thing could be some big scare tactic to keep the population from rebelling against their dictator.
Daiskida's avatar
Well, the way she speaks about the prophecy and behaving like she doesn't know how it really goes. It sounds more like it could be how it was with Cadance with her not knowing how to react to Twilights actions.
iryelb's avatar
Are you implying that the Twilight Fluttershy punched is a changeling or that that is the real Twilight and the Changeling was the one that heard the prophecy, cause either way you slice it the prophecy is very well known apparently. I'm fairly certain you're talking about the former but you aren't very clear.
Daiskida's avatar
I mean that Fluttershy punched the Changeling, who probably doesn't really know of the prophecy and just speaks what she probably has heard from outside sources. Since, that's the only explanation for her line "Ofcourse not, if something happens to you, I might die."
iryelb's avatar
I can agree that it seems the most likely scenario, baring author screw ups or Twilight having lost it in a thousand year dictatorship. I also think it likely that the Red Changelings are just a scare tactic thought up by "Twilight" in order to throw suspicion off of the actual Changelings.
Daiskida's avatar
Thing is, we don't know what Red Changelings operate on, most assume love due to the color "red" being associated with rage/anger. But, for all we know they could be feeding off the paranoia or something.
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