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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 117


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Winged-Stone's avatar
Keep them around forever, live forever.
If it's a fake Twilight, that's one thing. Generic evil and whatnot.
If it's the real Twilight, she's twisted by paranoia and fear.
Anubis-hound's avatar
I have a weird feeling about the guard in the very last panel....
Animatorsnake's avatar
...wait that's going to be a problem, because if they are eternally stuck here, then that means they would have never died in the future... which they are currently are at now
Wait.... that armor design.... it looks kinda like a mix between the old guards and.... oh no.... for those wondering what i'm talking bout follow this link  (…)
WritersShadow's avatar
This makes absolutely no sense. If she won't survive her friends, keeping them alive basically a possible death sentence every single second that passes by. Twilight is smarter than this, so either the writer of the story is a moron or this is not Twilight.
Daiskida's avatar
Nooooooo....It's not a death sentence, as being held in suspended animation slows down their aging process while the world goes around 'em. Hell, they can awaken twenty years in the future and feel like nothing has changed for 'em, so no it's not the same thing.
WritersShadow's avatar
It's a death sentence for Twi, not her friends.
Daiskida's avatar
How? They are pretty much stuck frozen in time, thus meaning they won't die and the prophecy never comes into existence.
WritersShadow's avatar
NO! Iif they live, Twilight WILL die! The prophecy said, that Twi won't survive her friends, not that she will die with her friends. As long as her friends live, the prophecy can still become true. You ran for the misconception that her friends dying somehow would kill Twilight as well, which is not true. In this timeline, Twilights friends already died once and she is still alive. So keeping them alive AND in this timeline is literally a death sentence for Twilight as the prophecy is not nullified yet. Kill them all, Twi survived her friends and the prophecy is wrong. Send them back in time and Twi, again, survived her friends. Keeping them there is just a damocles sword above Twis head.
Michel25's avatar
If she send them back to their time, they will go back to not existence in this time line making even the remote possibility of the prophecy become true unlikely.

Keeping them in the future only increases her chances of dying, although maybe that's the purpose of it?
diamondmanmega's avatar
Umm what about present twilight.
FedexDA's avatar
Maybe a butterfly effect will make a plot twist soon
Oh Twilight... you already have outlived your friends. In that you no longer act like a "friend" to them
jyroman53's avatar
That's freakin cold !
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
For the first time in forever, Twilight's being a dumbass!
RainerKelri's avatar
I see what you did there.
She just needs to let it go, obviously.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
It's hard to let go when you're besties forever!
Why not just ask them to visit the distant future before going home? A billion years ought to be more than far enough. That way you don't have to worry about something happening in the intervening time.

Of course, that does require them to cooperate with your requests, and you've burned that bridge already.
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