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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 115


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I KIND OF KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Eyup! diffenatly not the real twilight
you know i am beginning to dislike the comic
i mean five friends come 1000years to celeberate there mortal friend's Bday and they found that they have to kill her?
i mean com'on is'nt this comic based on a friendship show?
so where the lesson of friendship in this comic?  
GashibokA's avatar
it's a Doctor Whooves Show. and he will ...(SPOILER)
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marinus18's avatar
Ah, I had kinda hoped it would have been a moral grey with both the rebels and the authority having legitimate arguments and the mane 5 being split between the two sides.
bruiser128's avatar
Well I think that this Twilight is actually a changeling pretending to e her.
MiragePotato's avatar
yep, she lost it
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
SHE'S GONE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TartarusFire's avatar
Winterslynch's avatar
Well she's literally.. *Looks around for Twilight*

tehJET0's avatar
That twilight is a spySpy Suprise tf 2 (emote random) pulse I kind of called it o3o
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It is so obvious! Twilight is going to murder her friends, so they didn't longer exist and the prophecy will not came true.
1Bluefur's avatar
If she murders her friends, then her friends still die and then she still dies. She dies when they do. Unless this is the only way for her to die and she wants to be dead it won't make much sense for her to kill them (so your theory is valid in that line of logic).

I think she wants to kill the Doctor/Rose specifically, especially now that the Doctor has proven he can see right through her plans and foil them. I'm fairly certain she wanted to put her friends into a deep enchanted sleep, maybe find a way to make them immortal and stagnant so that they're safe forever and she won't have to worry about death.

But who knows? I'm super excited to find out!
katelove77's avatar
I think she's a crimson changeling
Eagle1Division's avatar
I actually made a somewhat comprehensive analysis of the situation here:…

If she's smart, then that wolf's just going to kill The Doctor and Rose and only arrest Flutters and Rares, where they'll be taken somewhere safe, though unable to escape.
Arielmlp's avatar
SHE'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!
jyroman53's avatar
And Now I'm waitin for badass spike to save the day
TinjaBuster's avatar
i remember the time when the comment is still 0,its like 40 minutes ago

Edit:i thought it was just DA tricks
Animatorsnake's avatar
Shit just got real, you can taste the evil on these eyes on panel 2
LupinKurt's avatar
I new it, thats not twilight!
turkey18eye's avatar
what make you think that not twilight
p.s i prefer that twilight
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