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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 114


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solserratcvr's avatar
oh no, ohhhhh nooo
GreenNoir's avatar
welp i hate to say i told you so but......... HAHA YES I TOLD YOU SO WOOOOOOOOO

ok maybe I dont hate to say it
Horizon-Glide's avatar
It's badass-Doctor-time, everypony. Strap yourselves in, because he's taking over this comic now. :D
Saiyanstrong's avatar
That would be great.  But probably not gonna happen
folklore17's avatar
Nope. Not what happens at all...
DrWhoFan611's avatar
And then everyone passes out, they wake up, and then it's more Mane 6 drama time... or maybe more Doc. time. I hope so.
Nice call whooves
camolotthe10's avatar
... But I check my food before eating.
What does that say about me...
Winged-Stone's avatar
Doctor on point. Checking food before eating it is the responsible thing to do when venturing into darker times.
bazla1236's avatar
way'ta go Doctor
P-the-J's avatar
the façade has been broken. good work doctor
Bleyk36's avatar
HA!!!! i was right it was poisonous 
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Sides he wouldn't have time to detox.
inda26's avatar
Gotcha bitch!
MiragePotato's avatar
this isnt going to end pretty
TartarusFire's avatar
Animatorsnake's avatar
I KNEW IT! And also what's with the second panel with those black things?
The food from the plate, only in shadow.
They'll just get themselves in trouble if they're awake. They'll be safest asleep in my care.
You're gonna have to try harder than that..... Satsuki Kiryuin!!
FlutterCZ's avatar
He has a point. You can never know when will someone shove their pills inside your food.
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