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Is it, like, she won’t outlive her friends because she no longer has any friends? Ergo, no friends to outlive..?

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Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Hmmmerg!!Princess Twilight Sparkle Clap 
Twilight's Forced Smile chat emote brillant dr. Hooves...
Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Grin 3 You can first in DIE!!

me: Wow!!! this is intens!!!
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Ooh, boy, Dr. gon speak up!
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Yeah! go doctor!
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twilight's er what ever. it seems kinda thin
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Time for the doc to get some history lessons in to the fray
Well, they've seen past you rather more recently than you have.

Really, you're the worst-equipped to say whether you've changed deeply. Ponies can't judge that about themselves, in general. Just ask anypony whether they're more or less the pony they used to be. They'll probably answer in the affirmative, and there you go. They don't know the truth. We all feel this sense of continuity with who we used to be, and we all must maintain it by re-contextualizing and sometimes outright fabricating memories. Often "the same as I used to be" is not only incorrect, but downright nonsensical. "The same" need not be well-defined.
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"...different from MY past?" (emphasis added.)

Time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff and time travel is a messy affair.  I'm purely speculating of course, but perhaps this Twilight is telling the truth...and she's from different timeline than our Mane 5.
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"Because we were just there, Twilight, seriously."
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That "change" Twilight is a really big one, one big void barrier, you've become too serious, you've become too worried to die, you've become imperial, you're forcing everyone for your own, you're killing innocent ponies who are not even the criminals or more like the Crimson Changelings, you somehow become stupid-looking/ stupid-thinking instead of wise as Celestia, you've made the skies war orange and you don't care about your friends' suggestioons to go back, what's better "Friends" or "Forever", just sacrifice yourself for the ones you love!
Everybody is worried about the Doc messing up and pissing off the probably-not-Twilight.  I think that the Doc is a lot more dangerous and powerful than he lets on.  I mean, he has a damn time machine and know almost everything.  Give him a little credit.
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doctor gunna save the day.... or is he?
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Rose is just like
'Nooo, Doctor, you're gonna get us almost killed again..'
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Sit down Doc! That meddling thing you have to do? Not the best idea to do that now (considering you're in a castle)!:S 
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Fluttershy frightend "I need an adult... If that's alright with you."
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OK, this comment caught me off guard and had me rolling more than it probably should.

Bravo friend.
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We know our target, fillies and gentlecolts.  Defend Equestria.
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The twist:

She is not Twilight...

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I already called that!!!
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