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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 112



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DoctorTex's avatar

Ah, yes, the thing that goes DING

solserratcvr's avatar
it's not Twilight, it's a changeling
Horizon-Glide's avatar
Is it bad that I immediately recognised the thing-that-goes-DING when I saw the Doctor holding it? 
I might need to get a life.
Tuantu111111's avatar
Crough crough yes
FoodFrogs's avatar
Who knew one four-letter word could give away so much about a story. Ding.
zenlord22's avatar
The ding machine, shit who know this was going to be a trap
Anubis-hound's avatar
Good old fashioned emotional manipulation.
bazla1236's avatar
Ok! that is just to much!
that can't be the real Twilight! 
the real Twilight will never upset Fluttershy!
Rassiliana's avatar
the timey-wimey detector. It goes "ding" when there's stuff!
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
It's a machine that goes

inda26's avatar
Bad touch! bad touch!
bruiser128's avatar
That is not Twilight, that is a changeling PRETENDING to be Twilight.
mickey16's avatar
Doc is all like: "Wut?"
marinus18's avatar
Wow, Twilight can be pretty intimidating.
Everypony has to die someday. One of you has to leave the other to die, sooner or later.

But let's not dwell on that. Look! The Doctor's brought out his thing that goes ding! Isn't it exciting?
What Twilight means is.... She likes ya... and she want ya... Now we can do this da easy way, or we can do this da hard way... da choice is yours....
TheDominator25's avatar
Oh oh I see you want to do this the hard way.......
Flutters would make an excellent Tom..... Eh, I guess Rarity would be Sasha....
TheDominator25's avatar
Rarity would be Sasha. She has interest in high society men like Sasha does 
Oh. Hehe, I always seem to imagine Sweetie as Jazmine. XD if Claire decided to take a break one day, they could just get the voice actor for Jazmine. They sound pretty much alike. Lmbo!
Daybreak-Fan's avatar
I sense a Villainous Breakdown coming.
Yami-Marik93's avatar
Twilight is Insane alright
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Rarity, more like "You're making it hard for Fluttershy!!!" because if Pinkie would have heard this...uhh...maybe she's the one who will get upset since Pinkie only want to throw the Future Twilight her 1000th birthday, not to stay forever in this imperial empire.
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