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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 111


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If they don't go back, let's just say, time will...

Well I don't even know, but bad things will happen because time stuff

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Seriously, that's their best argument? How about the fact that if they don't go back all of time will get fucked up
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I wonder what the Doc. is up to...
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I have been noticing one thing. in an earlier page when twillight got to be the ruler we saw the friends right?
that means that they most go back to their time in an soon future, because if they don't that means they got vanished after they traveled to the future. And that they could warn Twillight about the future (if they not get brainwashed when they go back)

But if they are staying that means that they just didn't only go to the future, they go to an another parallel dimension of the future. An dimension there they never go to the future If they as i told didn't got their memories of the future removed.

That is what i think.
camolotthe10's avatar
No, this is a possible future of the "alpha", or original, timeline. I have no doubt that the rest of the Mane Six would have put safeguards in place to prevent this happening if they had visited this possible future and seen the consequences. Or, at the very least, they would have prevented Celestia and Luna's d... no, still can't say it.

Given that they seem to have died at the same time, I would have no doubt that it was either a villain or an incredible accident that killed them, something easily preventable with the right knowledge, and with Celestia and Luna around, Twilight would be stabilized.

Besides, if they did not go back in time, there would simply be a timeline where they disappeared one day and never came back, which would no doubt drive Twilight even further 'round the bend than she already is.
WorldRunner18's avatar
By making them stay you're ruining your own timeline you $!lsjk§bd£jhs!
Twilight really needs to watch Doctor Who.
UltZrbrcrx's avatar
Yo doc, whatcha soon over there?
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
"So you're saying that you are friend with my old self, but not me?"

Yes. That's exactly that, you freaking psychopath. Go get your head showered in pee!
TheDominator25's avatar
No no no Twilight now you're assuming things. Remember if they leave the prophecy is again no longer valid. It's a win-win scenario because they're still alive in the past but dead by this time. All that power went to your head didnt it?
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
 But if they no come back, there will be a paradox in time-space
turkey18eye's avatar
the 1st panel it should be ''your past self'' not ''past you''
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
What are you? A dictionary? XD
turkey18eye's avatar
whether you got that pick up line line for yourself,or you got it from mlp (family apreciation day) part where applebloom was nagging and scootaloo said the same pick up line as your
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
And the begin of "Return of the Harmony"
Did it just get dark or is Flutterbutter throwin dat shade? XD tryna look all sad....
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Putting words in their mouth, Twi.
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Oh what's Doc bringing up?
He's getting his shotty two-hotstick!! Get on da damps!
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Why is this Twilight so stupid?
Because she has a garage full of jawbreakers?....
Thank you! Thank you! I'm here on Thursdays!
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:iconbcuzplz: Story! :XD:
Otherwise, why indeed! :nod:
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