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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 109


Now, let's start to vote.
"who is bad guy?"

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This is probably just Twilight spouting propaganda, because this plan makes zero sense. 
It's them being alive that will affect Twilight, not their deaths. It's not like she's under some destiny-bond-curse and dies the moment they kick the bucket, we already saw this when they died in the past. 
The only thing Spike would accomplish by killing them off is to completely dash any chances of the prophecy fulfilling itself.
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Fair point.  To anyone who isn't blinded by desperation.  Logic tend to take a back seat if you think there may be hope when there isn't any.
I'm sceptical 

but it's not the first time everyone I loved became full of it
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NO no no no nononononononono.
He wouldn't. :O
Unless Twilight's not the only one who's changed in the past thousand years. :(
I was afraid that that was what Spike was planning. :'(
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He would.
He already said, once, that any survivors were worth less than the keys.
This Spike is a complete and utter Combat Pragmatist. He would have to be, considering what he's fighting...
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I'm calling it now: that Twilight is actually the red changeling queen and the real Twilight is either dead or imprisoned
It would explain her change in character and how so many ponies died but no word on any actual changelings getting caught
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I'm calling it now: Obvious.
Miaparart's avatar
Good one, I never thought of that!
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I agree with that..
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Holy Cow ! Spike wants to Jill Everyone :o
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Twilight is bad because you can just TELL in the excellent expressions that there is something off about her.
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.... Unless a lot more has changed then I want to think, I doubt Spike would be very keen on that idea. Especially considering how we've seen him greet the others.
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This... This is literally contradicting the prophecy though, isn't it? "Twilight will NOT outlive her friends"
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The girls are tools for each faction now. Not friends.
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Perhaps. But I should hope that they know better than to think a prophecy is such a simple thing. After all, they all died once without it killing Twilight; why should a second time be any different?
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I don't think so, I think Spike is the good guy here
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we don't know that yet we should watch the whole comic first
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