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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 107


Firestorm Danger Dash' is coming.

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How convienent you don't have to pay the same price LEADER
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I bet those two in the last panel are elite scouts sent out.
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WEll okay Spock
Have you? How would you even tell? They could be hiding anywhere. In here is somewhere.

Can you even prove that there is a single real pony (including yourself) in your little enclave? For all you know, they've replaced every last pony you let in here, so that when they strike you'll have nopony to turn to. Somewhere, right now, there may be a changeling laughing at all that you've fallen for.
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Twilight, lemme tell ya, they look like in the squatter areas while yours is the only fancy mansion in the middle of a poor town!
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Angry Mad Upset "I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new Empire!!"
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i had a feeling she would say that
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well...with that comment I officially give twilight the 'batshit crazy' seal of approval.  She is off her magic meds.
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Panel one is amazing.
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"The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few."

Doesn't count if you turned this "many" into the few.
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My little pony.
I use to wonder what friendship could be.
My little pony.
Until I slaughtered every pony.
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Until I slaughtered every pony.

replace pony wit 'thing i could see' 

rolls better 

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Yeah, sure, but is it the best solution? I admit I have not seen what has driven you to such extremes, but from my point of view killing innocent people is almost *never* acceptable. So I ask you, what makes these "crimson changlings" more dangerous than the ones we've encountered before? How can you tell who's who? And finaly, why is it acceptable to expose your citizens to blood-hungry monsters just because they wanted some fresh air?

It seems, to me atleast, that there are many better ways to handle somthing like this. If having a military state is absolutely necessary, fine, but there are lots of solutions that don't involve innocents getting killed *and* those solutions also make you more popular. It's a really bad idea to make your people hate and mistrust you, eventualy there will be a revolution and they will *kill* you. 
Heed this waring Queen for it may be your last chance.
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No matter how good or "safe" the choice may be, they all have their consequences
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1. Twilight you don't get to quote Star Trek, so stuff it.

2. Have you any proof about these crimson changelings you keep talking about? 'Cause she keeps talking about 'em like a paranoid person talks about lizard people ruling the world.
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Suffice it to say, Tyrant Twilight is acting like a whore somehow...
However, I still hold the view that there must be a reason why Twilight is reluctant to reveal the truth... 
Maybe Twilight is ALSO one of the REAL victims despite the so-called rumor... I guess?
Anyway, the revolution is still on...
Living in suspicions and hatred? That's gonna be a tough time for every pony, no matter whom they stand for...
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Galvatron points out "Order, Twilight? This is bad comedy!"
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So you're telling me that Spike may be actually Changeling?! (Or sompony else from his pack?)
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Man I don't like the fact she used Spock's words there, sure what you doing might be logical but you are hurting more ponies than saving them, your logic is flawed. I do hope they can get her back from the dark hole she fell into. I would hate to see how her friends would be after they had to kill her.
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Classic villain dialouge...
Ok Twilight ... can I have the details, please?
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