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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 106


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solserratcvr's avatar
Twilight, you're the Princess of Friendship before you were the monarch, but it seems that you're not like this anymore
Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
Twi: That’s not tru! I’m as kind and nice and respectful as you remember me...... everypony’s an IDIOT.....None of those peasants are worthy of my dumb and stupid.....I’m the best....kill them all!!!....but as u can see I’m totally sane.”
P-the-J's avatar
Twilight: I don't know where you heard that, but I'm certainly not insane. I-
Rarity interrupts
Rarity: And I'm certainly not an ugly mule, so I guess that makes us even doesn't it bitch

marinus18's avatar
how does Fluttershy know that? After all I don't remember anypony telling her.
P-the-J's avatar
in earlier chapters the doctor was telling the same story as spike
See, this is exactly the sort of thing I was imply you shouldn't say right now. At least eat your dinner before starting trouble.
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Yeah, since Fluttershy is innocent too, why not concern about it too?
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Good work Rarity and Fluttershy. Poke at the potentially rabid bear. What could possibly go wrong?
maxkid1030's avatar
A lot of people are saying to the "Twilight is a Crimson Changeling in disguise" people that she couldn't be cause her magic aura isn't green, and that it's her normal magic aura....'s my rebuttal....what if Crimson Changelings are just that dam good at disguising themselves....they can make their magic auras the same as the unicorn/alicorn they are disguised as.

Seriously, all some has to do is do the whole 'pull gun out of nowhere' thing and say, "Well how do we know that your not a Crimson Changeling yourself?" That my friends might get "Twilight" all shifty eyed and probably send "her" friends back to the dungeons so she can "deal with them herself." 
Riverfox237's avatar
Well, give them points for diving directly to the point.

Yeah, Twilight, you quickly lost credibility with that, "They're all idiots" like. Seeing as you would have never called masses of people idiots like that before, and this is usually a tactic used by self-important people who wish to neatly dismiss any criticism of their actions.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Eggs, cracked, omelets, you get the idea.
AleksanderAngel's avatar
Twily seems bitter. Also the logical choice would have been to draw all magic from those you suspect are a threat. Not killing them. Without magic changelings do not change.
andaverde's avatar
Fluttershy: what im trying to say is. your being sort of a...bitch. 

FTYeaN's avatar
Twilight not amused. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite 
samuraivalerie's avatar
Yeah Madam Empress, How do you acount for all the inocent blood on your hooves? You got a hobby inventing new kinds of soap when your not on a changeing hunt?
Gorehound49's avatar
May as well state the obvious... that Twilight is a spy!... er... impostor. If Chrysalis can pull off a fake Cadance, then the Crimson Queen would clearly do the same for Twilight.

Again, just stating the more obvious situation.
Starryflame's avatar
though her magic wasn't was Twilight's colour...
Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
It just could be part of the new breed. To protect themselves, make it less suspicious. Learning from chrysalis’ past mistakes
WireJockey644's avatar
Man twi's mouth is really derpy
DanielHarrington's avatar
This feels like playing a game of Secret Hitler.

Everything hinges on how Twilight responds to her friends' questions, and what she does.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Okay, I need to know what's the difference between a changeling and a crimson changeling, because I can't tell the difference
UnicornTwilightShine's avatar
Crimson changelings is a crimson/red colored changeling.
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