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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 105


white wine~ and doctor.

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solserratcvr's avatar
Rarity omg, you are so fool
PacificGreen's avatar
Sure, Rarity, do the whole "hoof-in-mouth" thing. That's not suspicious at all.
DrWhoFan611's avatar
I can already tell by Twi-Twi's face it's not working.
P-the-J's avatar
Doc's already on the case checkin that food
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Yep.  That what I would do.  Watching Doctor Who has made me much more perceptive.  You have to be to notice everything.
And which rumors do you think safe to bring up right now?
ShinjitsuForever's avatar
Does Rarity really knows what Fluttershy might say?
nothere89's avatar
I honestly don't understand why they suddenly are so awkward at the meal. They were till then.

Hmm, Twi seems to be genuinely unhappy that they are not enjoying their meal. But some hostility is also mixed in there too lol
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Sturmlion1's avatar
Insert hoof in mouth Rarity.
AleksanderAngel's avatar
I am still thinking about how Twi said that she did see Rarity as an old mare, but not FlutterShy. Therefore, FlytterShy will probably die in this story.. o.o'
Valmar33's avatar
You don't look the least bit nervous, Rarity... maybe Fluttershy would have made a better speech...?
Valmar33's avatar
Uh, Twilight? You're not interested in whatever Doctor is holding...? Or are you just distracted by the awkwardness of the situation?
Animatorsnake's avatar
The kind that would question one's friendship
AJ and RD and PP isn't here,Twi!
Don't you get it?!
WireJockey644's avatar
Wait a second, Twilight will not outlive her friends, right? So what if that refers to the legend/memory of her friends.
Valmar33's avatar
It makes more sense when taken literally, at the moment, considering the situation. And time travel just made it legitimately so...
Valmar33's avatar
Only one person...
Starryflame's avatar
Also, Doctor sonicing his plate, heh
Starryflame's avatar
welp...that's Twilight's magic's aura... hm...maybe it IS Twilight..under brainwashing?
BBBHuey's avatar
I have a creepy feeling she's under no one's influence but her own...
PsychoYellowDragon's avatar
Oh she's more evil than i thought...
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