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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 104


vegetarian meal. of course.

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no one is going to eat, they maybe poison
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yes, awkward as I thought.
I like your designs but Fluttershy's dress looks a little off. All the others look great, I especially like the one of Rarity.
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Well, this little dinner party is looking rather awkward.
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Oh, I thought Fluttershy really loves vegetables!
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:iconrarityplz:: *takes a bite* Mmmhh... It's really good, but...
Twilight: What is it?
:iconrarityplz:: It's missing some salt for the taste to be complete. Care to add some?
Twilight: Oh, sure! But first... *she beheads the Chef in plain sigh* Bookmark? I think you should hire a new Chef.
:iconfluttershyplz: MEEEP!!! *takes cover under the table*

The morale: when the dish is prepared by her "best Chef", pray for it to be true.
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That is not funny in the slightest after seeing the later pages.
Coobalt-Dahonli-One's avatar
My apologies, this was made before the page you mention came out. Didn't expect things to get THIS dark...
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Yeah, do you think this story about Twilight Stalin getting to dark for your tastes?
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You seem rather uncomfortable with this meal. It probably won't bite.
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Twilight's expression looks way too blank for it to be a trap. And THAT is scary.
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Soilent green it's ponies!
Nina-Dragons-12's avatar
something doesn't seem right with this food....
I want to eat those dishes 

It looks pretty tasty
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Im not saying anything, but as for a meal for a princess and 4 important guests there isnt much of it is there?
TheThunder-Clash's avatar
Yeeup I agree there pal 
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I wouldn't eat the food.... XD
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its probably poison...
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My thoughts exactly
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I have a bad feeling...
Great comic!
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Poisoned! Positive!
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