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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 102



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Solarfldsmtfr's avatar
Ugh...I wouldn’t eat the food tho, might be poisoned or something
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Come on Doctor "bow ties are cool."
Tuantu111111's avatar
Saiyanstrong's avatar

I mean I know that, doesn’t mean I’m not right.

Zacchatttack525's avatar
Don't you dis bowties, doctor! you said it yourself, "Bowties are cool!" -11th doctor, April 3rd, 2010
Americaiuno's avatar
Doesn't wearing a suit bring a bad luck to him!
Horizon-Glide's avatar
Nice attention to detail! Doctor, don't worry. It really doesn't make you look like a waiter this time.
Trying to play on nostalgia 
Artyunris's avatar
doctor just makes me laugh
JediMoonstar's avatar
Pony head pony heart come on why aren't you eating?
Agamemnon69's avatar
I'm beginning to think this Twilight is a Changeling herself. I mean she changed *after* the war, right?
OmegaFloweytheFlower's avatar
That would be a very interesting twist
WorldRunner18's avatar
Hey! Bow ties are cool, and you're going to love them. XD
PacificGreen's avatar
Wonder who the chef is?
Zannolin's avatar
LOL BOWTIE. Ten, I agree. 
The Doctor is sexy.
HyperBlossom001's avatar
Discorded Whooves: Bowties are drop dead Sexy
Doctor: Uh Bowties
kacript's avatar
Be careful guys, she may look like the Twilight you remember, but alot can change in 1,000 years.
Rassiliana's avatar
But... bowties are cool....
TartarusFire's avatar
Poison the undesirables...
Ooh. I definitely recommend holding off on any potentially contentious topics until the end of the meal. It would be a shame if you offended your hostess before you got to eat.
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Its totally poison right Twilight? Twilight (Evil smile) Plz   Grinch emote 
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