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Recall the Time of No Return[Eng] - page 100


100th page. finally....

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It's delicious isn't it? 😈

Especially when the catharsis occurs

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I don't like the smile. The way she smiles makes me feel... *shivers*
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Best to keep your guard up around Twilight. She's no princess, she's no alicorn. She's just.... cold.
vekarvonkostu's avatar
I knew it, she is up to no good for sure, this traitor!!! I sure hope the Doctor has a good evasive plan. Nice job. 
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Shenronn's avatar
At least Doc has a good view of things XD
han169315's avatar
in my mind i think doc is watching Twily's plot X3 
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Ok wow I was a page ahead so I didn't see this one I really don't like Twilight's face here, she is plotting something i do hope her friends can snap her out of this.
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That smile has "This won't end well." written all over it... :XD:
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What a shot for the 100th page!
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i call that twilight is queen chrysalis and the real twilight is either dead or trap. :/
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Good point but either way i can't wait what will happen
ohmybuckinggod's avatar
Twilight:I can have some party with pinkie again!(Squee)
FedexDA's avatar
Evil smile says somethin's gonna go south real quick
swirliee's avatar
Me: Twilight...

twilight sparkle (smile) plz : Yes...

Me: Don't hurt them.

Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon : I won't. hehe
B3B2B1's avatar
That smirk tho. 
I have a bad feeling about this. Twilight is up to something.
turkey18eye's avatar
ah hell no!!!!! the smile,it mean it will won't be good
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